AnyPresence Launches Mobile Backend-as-a-Service Platform

— June 19, 2013

According to Gartner, “By 2016, 40 percent of mobile application development projects will leverage cloud backend services, causing development leaders to lose control of the pace and path of cloud adoption within their enterprises.” In response, AnyPresence, an enterprise backend-as-a-service (BaaS) platform provider, has released its fourth generation solution to help enterprises looking to solve this challenge, by establishing scalable infrastructure that makes it easier to cost-effectively mobile-enable their business processes.

Optimized for enterprise use cases, such as hybrid deployments and IT data source integration, the solution features a no lock-in architecture. The latest release adds significant development accelerators and integration with technology partners, to further reduce enterprise app development costs and time-to-market.

Enhancements include:
Application Cloning
: For organizations looking to build multiple apps that have common core functionality with only minor variations, this feature allows them to create a copy of an existing app along with all data source, object, and user interface definitions, saving significant development effort.

Automated App UI Testing: Developers who use AnyPresence to generate a starter mobile app user interface (UI), now have functional test scripts for native iOS, native Android, and jQuery Mobile web apps. These test scripts can be run to ensure the app is interacting with backend functionality as expected, saving time in testing and improving reliability.

Custom Server Extensions: While developers have always been able to add custom code to objects, they can now create re-usable “Extensions” that can be shared across teams or lines of business. This also enables third parties to encapsulate their services as official AnyPresence Extensions, enabling a marketplace of add-ons that can be used across the AnyPresence customer base.

Enterprise App Store Integration: The solution now supports the ability to deploy apps to employees directly via enterprise app stores powered by Mobile Application Management (MAM) or Mobile Device Management (MDM) vendors. Apperian EASE is the first MAM partner solution to be integrated directly with the AnyPresence Designer.

Cloud Infrastructure Management: For the default cloud backend server deployment to Heroku, administrators can now control the performance characteristics of their app, and choose from hundreds of Heroku add-ons. This seamless integration enables developers to plan for the required capacity and usage of each individual backend server instance, and manage them from one central location.


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