Beer Distributor Automates Payroll, Time Clock Process

By  Michael Barbella — January 17, 2007

Who: Crescent Crown Distributing, the New Orleans-based distributor for the Miller Brewing Co., Coors Brewing Co., Labatt USA, Heineken USA, Mike's Hard Lemonade and the Pabst Brewing Co., among a number of other popular beverage manufacturers.

Challenge: From its Phoenix warehouse, Crescent Crown services nearly 400 chain grocers and drug retailers, including Wal-Mart, Safeway and Albertson's. Ensuring that shelves are always fully stocked and that customers are serviced in an efficient manner falls to Crescent Crown's merchandising staff. To keep clients happy, the company needed a solution that would optimize the number of customers serviced on a daily basis while providing the merchandising staff supervisor with a way to track the amount of time each job takes.


Solution: Crescent Crown chose a phone-based mobile workforce management system from Xora with a payroll software program from ADP. The 53-member merchandising staff uses the Xora application on company-issued Sprint Nextel phones to record shift start and end times. Rather than start their day at the warehouse, merchandising staff members clock in when they reach their first stop in the morning and clock out when they leave their last job of the day. The staff also uses the Xora application to record the name or number of each job and the status of the assignment. The phones are equipped with a GPS receiver, so all timesheet and job status information is location-stamped.

The data captured by the Xora system is automatically uploaded to ADP eTIME, an automated time and attendance program that integrates with ADP payroll services. The transfer of payroll data was designed by Time Bank, whose software automates the integration of employee data and back-end financial systems. By automating the punch clock and payroll processes, Crescent Crown's merchandising staff does not have to manually re-enter timesheet data.

The solution, rolled out with minimal training in about 30 days, costs the company $11.99 per worker each month.

Results: "Xora is the perfect complement to ADP," said Joyce Rohrer, payroll administrator at Crescent Crown. "Data is entered once by our merchandisers into the Xora application running on the phones and it automatically populates the ADP payroll system. The result is a fast and accurate process that is saving us significant time and money, both in the field and at the office."

Robert Taylor, merchandising supervisor for Crescent Crown, uses the Xora system to track the amount of time each job takes. The tracking helps him determine whether he needs to make staff changes to meet increasing customer demand. Taylor also can use the tracking system to send help to a member of his staff who may have fallen behind schedule.

Since implementing the Xora and ADP systems last spring, Crescent Crown has reduced overtime expenses for the merchandising staff. Taylor estimates the new system has reduced billed overtime hours by 30 minutes per merchandiser each day.

"Time is money," Taylor said. "Xora saves us considerable time, which means more jobs get done each day, clients are happier and Crescent Crown is more profitable. The entire process, from capturing merchandiser hours to getting them paid, is faster and more effective with Xora and ADP."


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