BlackBerry is Brilliant to David Cameron

By Lori Castle, Editor in Chief — August 21, 2014

"It's well-known that the heads of the most powerful countries in the world choose BlackBerry smartphones, for the strong security, productivity and connectivity that they provide"—this according to the Inside BlackBerry blog.
The company affirms that U.S. President Barack Obama, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other senior German officials use BlackBerry devices "enhanced with super-strong anti-surveillance technology from our recently-acquired firm, Secusmart."
In addition, BlackBerry points to a spontaneous photo op that occurred last year when Denmark's Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt used a Z10 to take selfie with Obama and British Prime Minister, David Cameron.
"It was Cameron who was publicly declaring his reliance on BlackBerry this week," according to the blog post. Apparently Cameron is a long-time BlackBerry user, who even runs the British government from his BlackBerry while on vacation.  
Brilliant BlackBerry
The blog post quoted Cameron's statement to the media where he said, "Wherever I am in the world, I am always within a few feet of a BlackBerry and an ability to manage things should they need to be managed. And indeed as I have done on I think almost every holiday that I have enjoyed over the past few years, I am able to return instantly should that be necessary."
BlackBerry also noted a report from The Telegraph that said the UK government under Cameron has banned iPads from high-level Cabinet meetings for fear that the devices could be bugged by foreign intelligence agencies.
More spying concerns have caused Australian intelligence officials to take away  foreign minister Julie Bishop's iPhone when "after they discovered that it had been hacked during tense negotiations related to the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 shot down in the Ukraine last month that killed several hundred passengers."
CEO John Chen had promised an initiative a month until the end of the year; most recently the company, announced that Secure Work Space for iOS and Android had received Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) approval, by the U.S. Defense Information Agency, which is part of the U.S. Department of Defense.
The blog quoted Stacy Crook, mobility analyst at IDC, who said, "The STIG certification serves as an indication that BlackBerry Secure Work Space for iOS and Android is well positioned to meet the strict security requirements that many enterprise and government agencies require."
BlackBerry's next device—The Passport—is coincidentally aptly named for world leaders and features a square design and keyboard. 


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