Break Down the Barriers to Mobile Workforce Management

— December 03, 2013

Kronos Incorporated has made significant enhancements to its mobile and tablet applications, enabling employees and managers to access the workforce management solution wherever and whenever they need it.  

Available on both smartphone and tablets, the solution makes it easier for managers and employees to complete a wide range of workforce-related tasks from their location and mobile device improving organizational productivity, efficiency, and agility.

The latest version of Kronos Mobile and Kronos Tablet provide:
Improved Productivity – Kronos workforce management solutions can now be accessed in more locations than ever, even in environments without Wi-Fi or a mobile signal. Whether the manager or employee is in a remote location or a building blocking external signals, offline capabilities help prevent productivity losses and compromised data accuracy caused by network connectivity. 

“Our employees are spread across a wide geography of more than 53,000 square miles, including remote areas that have difficulty accessing a wireless signal,” said Crystal Woods, Human Resources Division Head, Arkansas Highway & Transportation Department. “The ability to capture the activities and equipment usage of these employees as they move from site to site throughout the day demands a sophisticated workforce management solution. Moreover, we must closely safeguard the integrity of our workforce data to ensure accuracy in the federal reimbursement process.”
Mollie Lombardi, Vice President & Principle Analyst, Human Capital Management, Aberdeen Group, agreed. “Mobile solutions are all about delivering information to the point of decision. As mobile devices in the form of smart phones – and increasingly in tablets – have become ubiquitous in our business life, it’s great to see solutions that deliver useful information to those who need it no matter what the device, working conditions, or availability of wireless connectivity.”

Key Features
Increased Agility and Risk Mitigation – Employees and managers can now be notified via alerts to their mobile device when urgent or time-sensitive labor management issues occur regardless of their location, avoiding costly disruptions and shortening response times.

Location-Aware Workforce Management – Kronos mobile products incorporate  geo-fencing capabilities that enable customers to define work locations and configure system rules to enforce business policies and ensure accurate data.

Ease of Use Enhancements – Staying current with the latest mobile operating systems, users can expect the same intuitive and crisp user experience with Kronos mobile workforce solutions.

In addition to the above, Kronos tablet application now give managers the ability to capture and share an annotated screen image, making it easier to share urgent information in a timely manner. Employers can now experience enhanced scheduling functionality, as managers now have the ability to see employee availability for work.


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