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— October 03, 2013

AnyPresence has launched its newest and fifth backend-as-a-service platform that enables enterprises to build mobile apps five times faster. The new platform includes more than 100 enterprise application development accelerators.

“Typically there are a lot of set-up steps before getting a functional app up and running, a long drawn-out cumbersome project,” said Richard Mendis, Chief Product & Marketing Officer, AnyPresence, to Mobile Enterprise. With the instant starter apps, which feature a walk-through wizard, a new app can be literally be up within 10 minutes.

How it works: In three steps, users can define a starter application with corresponding backend server, data storage, client-side SDKs and a UI starter kit across multiple platforms. AnyPresence automatically builds the components and deploys the backend server to scalable cloud infrastructure with its own administrative console. Developers get a fully functional enterprise application, with access to all source code, test scripts, documentation and even auto-generated sample data, so they can start using the app immediately.

The new platform also enables in-browser native app previews, a key selling point. “Developers are always looking for ways to reduce the amount of response time between the developers and business users,” Mendis said. He gave credit to two partners - and AppSurfer – who brought this new feature to life. Now users can view and interact with native iOS and Android apps right from within the AnyPresence Designer, on a Mac or PC.

Another platform aspect is its Apple XCode 5 and Android Studio support. “Companies should be able to leverage the significant investments that Apple and Google are making in their development platforms,” Mendis said. All client-side source code generated from AnyPresence is completely non-proprietary and can be viewed or edited in the native development tools from the platform vendor. The starter user interface kit provides developers with a functional application, so they can see how to use the SDKs and APIs. The kit includes iOS7 / XCode5 compatible storyboard metadata and Android Studio compatible XML layouts.

In addition, developers can programmatically create and deploy mobile backend servers and applications using the AnyPresence design-time API service.  Mobile application generation capabilities can be embedded into existing software or developer portals to get the most out of API management investments and better engage the developer ecosystem.

Other enhancements to reduce enterprise application development time-to-market include:

  • Windows Phone 8 SDK:  Support development of Microsoft Windows Phone 8 applications, with a comprehensive C# library that includes complete model classes, operations, authentication and other timesaving capabilities.
  • oData Connector: Connect to an oData web service, commonly used to integrate with Microsoft and SAP NetWeaver applications.
  • Amazon SimpleDB Connector: Connect to Amazon SimpleDB database for create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) operations.
  • Web Scraper (Beta): Automatically extract information from legacy web-based applications by specifying mapping logic used for data read and update. 


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