Burwood's Strategy Architect a Business Strategy Dev Tool for iPad

— February 22, 2011

Burwood Group announced that it has developed a new business strategy development tool for iPad. Strategy Architect provides Fortune 500 and small companies alike with the necessary tools to build business roadmaps that enable strategic and tactical alignment across business units. The fast-paced decision-making process in many organizations leads to sidelined managers and unaligned teams. Strategy Architect offers the appropriate means of communication to keep business units on target with their strategic business and departmental objectives.

Harvard Business Review magazine recently published a paper stating that a growing percentage of employees are not familiar with their company direction and, as a result, often create their own strategies. This alignment problem can be solved by using Strategy Architect, which will provide business leaders with the following:

  • A mobile tool that enables cross organizational communication of high-level strategic initiatives
  • A mechanism to publish specific business unit strategy over time in real-time
  • A corporate communication tool capable of adapting quickly in a fast past industry, regardless of organizational size
  • A means to develop effective budgets and resource plans against long term, strategic plans

Strategy Architect is available in the Apple App Store at an introductory price of $4.99.

Jeff Hartweg, vice president of consulting at Burwood Group says, “Strategy Architect provides business leaders with a mechanism to simply build a visible business strategy and related execution plans in the form of a strategic roadmap. What makes this application valuable is that it provides any business leader with a template of industry strategy trends and best practices allowing him or her to get started on building a one page strategic plan that can be linked to execution across multiple organizational boundaries.

"It is the first true business application that takes full advantage of the power and portability of iPad,” Hartweg continues. “We have found that strategic planning needs to be visible and simple to understand. Being able to view a strategically aligned roadmap on one page reduces the stress and uncertainty of a hierarchical organization.”


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