Cadbury Field Reps Go Mobile To Capture Retail Sales Data In Real Time

By PRESS RELEASE — December 02, 2008

LONDON -- DT Research, Inc., an industry leader in the development of information appliances for vertical markets, and Xperience, a leading UK Information Technology systems integrator, announced that Cadbury, the world's largest confectionery company, has deployed WebDT mobile tablets to the company's field staff to use as 'Interactive Field Tools' (iFTs) in an effort to save trees by cutting down on paper printing.

Preserving the environment is a serious issue that concerns people at the highest level at Cadbury, which is why the company has had an environmental program in place for over 15 years. Cadbury wanted to find a way to cut down on paper use without compromising access to accurate and up-to-date information about how their products are doing in the market. The WebDT mobile tablets have allowed Cadbury to increase business efficiency while doing its part to shrink the company's environmental footprint.

Prior to deploying the WebDT mobile tablets, Cadbury staff used a pencil or pen to write down information while in the field. Capturing information in a paper format, which subsequently needs to be input into a computer system, caused a delay in the market analysis.

Now Cadbury field staff use DT Research's WebDT mobile tablets to gather in-store sales and merchandising information about Cadbury products, which is then instantly sent back to the corporate headquarters via a GPRS mobile network link. This innovative approach provides Cadbury with more accurate and timely market research, while also aligning with the company's long-standing commitment to preserve the environment. With less time spent traveling to and from the Cadbury offices to deliver research forms, Cadbury has been able to increase the number of store visits using the same number of field staff.

"We are pleased to be able to provide Cadbury with an environmentally-beneficial business solution," said Dr. Daw Tsai, president of DT Research. "We hope that more organizations see the value of using the WebDT wireless mobile tablets to decrease both the paper and fuel needed to gather information in the field, while improving their corporate efficiencies." 

Xperience worked closely with Cadbury to develop a convenient and attractive case that the field staff can use to carry the tablets with them to appointments Xperience continues to provide ongoing hardware support as the project evolves to ensure the long-term success of the iFT program.

"The WebDT mobile tablets were the perfect solution to address both the business and environmental issues that Cadbury faced," said Iain O'Kane, group director, Xperience. "The introduction of the iFT program has enabled Cadbury's field staff to carry out their normal duties as well as gather additional market research on specific product campaigns. This program has enabled Cadbury to gained more accurate and timely sales information."

About Xperience
Established for over 35 years, the Xperience Group has become firmly established in the IT sector in the UK and Ireland. The company has a team of over 100 personnel dedicated to providing business solutions to corporate and small to medium sized organizations. Serving a client base in excess of 2000, the company offers an extensive portfolio to suit businesses of all sizes.

About DT Research
DT Research develops and manufactures web-enabled information appliances for vertical applications. The WebDT family of products is based on thin computing platforms for secure, reliable, and cost-effective computing. These systems emphasize mobility, wireless connectivity and touch displays. WebDT products include digital signage systems, wireless tablets, compact modular appliances, and display-integrated information systems. Powered by Windows® Embedded and Windows XP operating systems, WebDT devices offer durability and ease in integration, leading to solutions that can be remotely managed with the user-friendly WebDT Device Manager software.


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