Canadian CIOs Prioritize BYOD

— August 13, 2014

Technology trends such as BYOD are driving change for CIOs and businesses across Canada, according to an IDC survey commissioned by Samsung Electronics Canada.

Of the CIOs surveyed, 58% said the number of mobile workers at their company has increased—with 68% of them using tablets and mobile phones.

BYOD is quickly becoming the new norm for companies across Canada with 52.5% of CIOs open to employees bringing their own devices to work. When asked why CIOs have a BYOD policy, 50.8% said it was to appeal to young workers—which will make up 75% of the workforce by 2028.

CIO Focus Shifts
While security still remains a core component, CIOs are being driven by workplace trends to help future-proof their organization.

"Part of the CIO's role is to anticipate trends in technology and understand how they influence corporate policy while maintaining security and aligning with the strategic vision of the company. The CIO role is shifting from a concentrated focus on managing and protecting centralized back office IT resources to driving employee productivity and empowerment," said Warren Shiau, Director, Buyer Behaviour Research Practice, IDC Canada.

The survey also reflects a shift in attitude by CIOs who have traditionally acted independently to implement IT regulations. Research found that 55% are adjusting their IT policies based on employee feedback and beginning to recognize the value of these insights in helping to create a more empowered workforce.

Top Priorities
When asked about their biggest IT priorities for 2014, CIOs said improving staff productivity (60%) and IT security (70%) were at the top of the list. Specifically, 96% that support BYOD said security is an important factor and is why they are turning to Samsung KNOX to create a protected IT environment.

"As a secure Android platform for enterprise, Samsung KNOX gives CIOs peace of mind by allowing their employees to easily and securely switch between work and play on their devices." said Paul Brannen, senior vice president, Enterprise and Mobile Solutions, Samsung Electronics Canada.

With security remaining a top priority for CIOs, metrics and measurement are areas that have potential for growth with 43% saying measuring mobile security effectiveness is not an exact science and hard metrics are not being utilized. Fifty-two percent don't currently measure security effectiveness although 52% say they will soon—which speaks to the direction the ever-evolving role of the CIO may go next.


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