Celio's REDFLY Mobile Viewer Gets 3,600 Downloads In 14 Days

By PRESS RELEASE — April 14, 2009

SALT LAKE CITY--(BUSINESS WIRE)--In the two weeks since its public beta launch at CTIA, downloads of Celio Corp's REDFLY Mobile Viewer solution have exceeded 3,600, company officials said.

The REDFLY Mobile Viewer is a software product that allows smartphone users to view their favorite Windows Mobile applications at full size on their Windows XP and Vista PCs.

The REDFLY Mobile Viewer is the only smartphone desktop software to increase the phone's output screen resolution allowing users to see six to eight times more content compared to the smartphone's display.

REDFLY Mobile Viewer users may select from four different resolutions (800x480, 800x600, 1024x600 or 1024x768) to view their smartphone screen in a larger PC window.

Download the free beta.
"I have specifically requested a product like the REDFLY Mobile Viewer from multiple companies, and Celio is the first company to actually produce it," said James Beecham, Operations Manager and Chief Technologist for Fhon Wizards in Brighton, Mich. "I work in smartphone refurbishing, which means I'm familiar with many varieties of phones and this functionality will fill a critical need."

While Celio anticipated strong response to the Mobile Viewer beta, reaching 3,600 downloads in less than two weeks has well exceeded the company's expectations.

"The overwhelming response to the Mobile Viewer shows we have once again identified a critical need in the market and created a product that satisfies that need. It is clear that there is a huge opportunity to enhance the smartphone experience with full-sized keyboard and screen solutions," said Kirt Bailey, president and CEO of Celio Corp. "During this beta period we look forward to gathering additional feedback about how and where participants are making use of REDFLY technology."

While the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), security and manageability benefits of the flagship REDFLY Mobile Companion product speak most strongly to the enterprise market, Celio notes that a surprising number of respondents to the Mobile Viewer are individuals and small business users.

"In line with our vision to create, define and drive the experiences where the smartphone becomes the primary mobile computing device, our goal is to provide REDFLY technology in the optimal format for every smartphone user," Bailey said.

The REDFLY Mobile Viewer is a great tool for multitasking, allowing users to interact and use both the smartphone platform and the PC platform simultaneously via the PC. It works with all current REDFLY-compatible smartphones.

About Celio Corp
Celio Corp is creating, defining and driving technologies that enable the smartphone to become the primary mobile computing device. Celio's award-winning REDFLY technology enables organizations, mobile executives, and consumers to access and use their smartphone with a larger screen and keyboard, increasing productivity and saving costs while tapping the full potential of their smartphone investment.
Celio's vision is that any smartphone's familiar interface and applications will connect to any larger screen, keyboard, or touch interface for an ideal mobile experience at home, in the office and on the road. REDFLY products are available from Celio Corp and from a growing network of partners and resellers in the US and selected regions worldwide.


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