Cell phones To Be Sold In Vending Machines

— July 26, 2006

TelePlus Group, a pioneer in the field of international telecommunications, today announced that it has signed with leading vending machine manufacturer, U-Select-It (USI) and cutting-edge vending software developer, VendNovation, to develop new telecommunication product/service distribution platforms for the growing travel market. The new relationships allow TelePlus to tap into the international travel industry by establishing vending machines and kiosks that contain its proprietary product/service, in key destination points like airports, malls and hotels. TelePlus Group is a subsidiary of Texxon Inc.

"Both VendNovation and USI are established names in the vending industry with reliable and innovative product designs," says Jim Gibson, VP of Business Develepment of TelePlus Group. "The goal of our partnership is to enhance the international traveler experience by providing an efficient and simple way to immediately access the TelePlus proprietary "in-language" interpreter/concierge cell phone service. By placing our phones and service offerings in vending machines around the globe, we are able to directly connect with the tourists while minimizing resource management of our global distribution partners."

USI has manufactured over 2.1 million pieces of vending equipment, featuring the highest levels of technology available in the industry today and will supply the backbone and foundation of the vending machine itself. VendNovation specializes in innovative software and hardware technology for the vending industry and will provide the payment panels and internet connected vending necessary to complete the package. The vending machine, networked through wireless and Ethernet connections directly connected to the TelePlus platform in France , now give users a simple way to access TelePlus mobile phone devices and services at the swipe of a credit card. Customers not only have the ability to purchase and activate an initial phone and service, but can also recharge their phone minutes and credits using the touch screen.

"The partnership with TelePlus Group and USI represents the best of breed in USI and truly innovative solutions for meeting customer needs from TelePlus Group, combined with state of the art technology from VendNovation," says Bruce Gilmore, Director of Product Development for VendNovation. "These are truly partners that are bringing the best that is offered to the table."

"USI is looking forward to our long term partnership with TelePlus Group and VendNovation," says Chris Crawford, Executive Vice President of U-Select-It Corporation. "We are sure that this combination of the right equipment solution and the best technology available will prove successful in the expansion of customer business, product accessibility, and recreation."

TelePlus focuses on the development of low-cost international communication solutions. VocalyzT is a seamless and highly specialized telephone service that bundles reliable, inexpensive international long distance with a wide variety of proprietary, in-language, services for the mainstream international traveler. The TelePlus product provides travelers and tourists with a 24/7 live private assistant who functions as a translator, concierge or emergency dispatch in their native language. The key to the service is "content in-language," delivered through a combination of cutting-edge patent-pending intelligence and telecommunication platform and allows the company to offer direct access to their comprehensive live services in over 120 languages.


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