Checking Identity from Anywhere

— December 27, 2013

The developers of codeREADr, an enterprise barcode scanning app, have added the ability for access control and security patrols to view the photos of members, students, employees, visitors and contractors as the barcode on their ID is scanned and validated.

By enabling smartphones and tablets to be used for mission-critical applications, codeREADr aims to lower the bar for broader deployment of the tools necessary to tighten access control and mobile security at venues, on campuses and at places of employment.

The app checks the barcode value against a database of IDs and then presents the app user with the corresponding photo of the ID holder before allowing access. If the ID is not in the database, the app user is alerted that the ID is invalid and can be presented with instructions for handling the situation, including a phone number to alert others.
“Purpose-built scanners and mobile computers were typically required to quickly and accurately scan barcodes. Our goal is to allow event organizers, venues and businesses to complement those devices with convenient, widely deployed iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices. In this way authentication can be more frequent and conducted anywhere, whether at the point of entry or anywhere on premises,” said Rich Eicher, CEO, codeREADr.

Using codeREADr’s web service or extensive APIs, clients can define the workflow; decide what data to collect; create credentials for authorized app users; and import databases. For situations where data are strictly confidential, clients can host the database on their own servers. In all cases, data posted to and from the app is securely transmitted via SSL.


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