ClickFox Releases Field Service Experience Analytics Solution

— November 11, 2010

ClickFox, a provider of customer experience analytics (CEA) software and solutions, announces the release of a solution for analyzing customer experiences around support and repair activity to reduce field service costs and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Customer experience analytics (CEA) delivers an end-to-end view of the experiences preceding and following field service interactions, from initial support contacts through to dispatch and resolution, to identify where costly visits can be reduced or avoided altogether for dramatic bottom line impact.
For service-centric organizations in the telecom, cable, utility and other high-tech industries, post-sale service and support is the most expensive service channel and a critical area in the overall customer lifecycle. However, without the ability to connect data from various sources and analyze behavior across the channels consumers use to seek help, it was difficult to identify where breakdowns occurred that lead to increased customer effort and multiple service visits.
CEA leverages data from CRM systems, call centers, scheduling/dispatch tools, and mobile field devices, and connects it with outcomes like CSAT scores and customer attrition to deliver powerful insight into the direct impact of field service on satisfaction, loyalty, and retention. This insight into pain points and failures frustrating customers and driving up costs enables organizations to focus process improvement and training efforts on the most critical areas affecting field service efficiency.
A leading cable provider is currently leveraging CEA to analyze service order and truck roll activity--in less than 2 weeks they identified thousands of avoidable and repeat dispatches stemming from issues with specific cable equipment and ineffective remote troubleshooting by phone support representatives. By targeting product and training improvements at the specific products, processes, and people driving increased truck rolls, the financial impact is estimated at over $10M annually in reduced costs and retained customers.
"Cable and satellite video providers in particular have traditionally lagged behind other industries in customer satisfaction rankings, especially when it comes to customer support due to the complexity of remote service over the phone," says Joe Galvin, former senior vice president of customer care for Dish Network. "Now, with increased competition from alternate video service providers, we're seeing a renewed focus on customer care and field service operations as a highly effective way to build and maintain loyalty within cable customer bases."
"Because of the costly nature of field service and the heavy burden placed on customers who have already been inconvenienced by product/service disruption, being able to identify the issues driving repeat or avoidable visits is critical to delivering more cost-efficient, satisfying experiences", says Marco Pacelli chief executive officer of ClickFox. "CEA is able to deliver this one-of-a-kind view into the complex workflow comprising customer support and field service, translating into millions in operations costs and retained customers."


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