ClickMobile Professional Streamlines Field Efficiency on Tabs, Smartphones

— December 20, 2010

ClickSoftware Technologies announced the immediate availability of ClickMobile Professional, a major release that brings an advanced workforce management and service optimization solutions to the field in real time via the recent releases of smartphones and tablets. Built with the cutting-edge abilities of HTML5, ClickMobile Professional can be used on a multitude of mobile devices -- from traditional mobile phones and laptops to increasingly popular devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Android-based smartphones and tablets, and the new BlackBerry devices.
The flexibility of HTML5 technology allows for a "hybrid" deployment of the application: as a web-based application, it requires no download or installation. In "no-connectivity" situations, technicians can still use the application offline, and when connectivity is back, all the stored updates are exchanged between the mobile device and the server. ClickMobile products also integrate with device hardware, including GPS and phone capabilities.
With ClickMobile Professional, the entire service ecosystem -- in the field, in dispatch and call centers, in HR and in the warehouse -- gains real-world, real-time visibility, and flexibility for the unpredictable service world, where surprises are the norm and real-time updates are a must.
ClickMobile Professional eliminates the information gaps between dispatchers, the field service team, and the customer by bringing rich, back-office information directly to the technician's fingertips, and back again. Technicians can have customer account details, inventory, and job guidance in the palm of their hand, as well as the ability to update their job status, upsell, and deliver new services to the customer. Available either on-demand or on-premises, the solution makes it easy for the call center or dispatch team to communicate with and allocate work to resources in the field. It can be purchased as a standalone as an entry point or bundled with ClickSoftware's optimization solutions for scheduling and dispatch. It also integrates with other scheduling products.
"Keeping up with the rapid obsolescence of mobile devices has long been problematic for both mobile service technicians and IT departments," says Dr. Moshe BenBassat, chairman and CEO of ClickSoftware. "With its unique device-agnostic approach, ClickMobile Professional enables companies to continually use the application, even as they adopt new technologies and devices yet to be developed, while also giving employees the freedom to run ClickMobile Professional on their personal, preferred devices."
According to a recent Gartner report, 90% of companies will support enterprise applications on personal mobile devices. The report also predicts that, in the next three years, 80% of companies will have a mobile workforce that uses tablets. "Our latest release empowers even the most demanding mobile workforces, those which critically depend on real-time mobility to execute their tasks, to already benefit from these developments today," says BenBassat.
ClickMobile Professional unleashes the full potential of the field service team to enhance the customer experience and increase revenue by up-selling new services to customers on the spot, while improving operational efficiency. New features include:
  • Real-time sync between devices: In the field, technicians may need to switch from a laptop to a smartphone as they move through their workday. With ClickMobile Professional, technicians can move from device to device, or even run the application on multiple devices in tandem simultaneously, confident that the information they are working from is the most complete and current.
  • Control Center: The Control Center gives teams unlimited ability to respond to unexpected situations, whether it's a customer emergency or a service-level agreement at risk. ClickMobile Professional's Control Center gives managers, team leaders, and dispatchers a full and real-time view of the ongoing service processes on their mobile devices, tablets, or smartphones. The rich maps, route information, and configurable displays lets them make informed decisions that are instantly communicated to the field. When combined with additional products in ClickSoftware's Service Optimization Suite, the decision-making process becomes automated, monitoring technicians' locations and current tasks, and allocating the job to the best-suited technician, eliminating the need to manually contact multiple technicians for availability and then guiding them through the work -- all leading to the ultimate real-time service enterprise.
Leading the Way in Mobility for the Field
With ClickMobile Professional, ClickSoftware introduces the latest innovation in mobile solutions for the service sector. Its award-winning Mobility Suite includes ClickMobile Foundation, ClickMobile Advanced, and now ClickMobile Professional, bringing rich functionality and a highly intuitive user interface to mobile applications without compromising the ease of configuration and extensibility that customers depend on when deploying ClickSoftware products.
Available on-demand, with no need for expensive IT and administration support, ClickSoftware's mobility solutions are used by tens of thousands of mobile workers across a variety of industries, including energy and utilities, cable and telecommunications, capital equipment, and home services, to increase productivity, streamline service delivery, reduce overall costs, and build a high-dependability brand. 


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