ConnectedHealth Introduces App and Secure Medical Tablet

— March 13, 2013

ConnectedHealth, a provider of health monitoring solutions, has released its Nursing Manager Application (NMA) and Secure Medical Tablet. Working together, the new system is designed to automate the collection of medical information for patients in a clinical setting.

The NMA automates the capture of data from medical devices such as glucose meters, weighing scales, blood pressure monitors and pulse oximeters via Bluetooth technology. The app supports Continua compliant devices as well as proprietary devices. 

Running on Android, the system supports advanced biometrics and a secure boot environment, providing a mechanism for clinicians to safely and securely capture and store critical patient information. In a typical deployment example, the NMA would be used in a nursing center or nursing home that has one nurse taking measurements for multiple patients.

Using the Nursing Manager Application, clinicians/nurses can:
  • Automatically capture data from medical devices within a clinical setting and transfer the data to the ConnectedHealth eHealth Platform. (Clinicians can review historical data utilizing a standalone dashboard application, or directly through secure webpages on the platform.)
  • Register patient details and capture a patient image and biometric data.
  • Validate nurse/clinician access using two factor authentication (finger print and NFC card).
  • Utilize finger print recognition to validate patient identity prior to capturing data, or utilize integrated camera to correlate patient bar-code information.
The NMA and Secure Medical Tablet are available now. Pricing for the tablet with app begins at $500, with a monthly software subscription fee.


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