Connecting Securely at the US Open

— August 12, 2014

For the seventh consecutive year, cybersecurity firm EdgeWave, Inc., and the US Tennis Association (USTA) will be partnering to provide secure mobile Internet access to more than 750,000 fans, media and athletes expected to attend this years' 2014 US Open Tennis Championships.

With more demand for reliable, high-speed Internet access, USTA selected EdgeWave to provide end-to-end Internet policy enforcement, keeping its network secure by blocking users from accessing undesirable content—such as online gambling sites and keeping users safe from data breaches and attacks.

"Whether its fans posting to social media networks or sponsors using Wi-Fi devices for on-site marketing, more people and devices at the US Open means more demand and strain on our networks which need to be more secure than ever," said USTA CIO Larry Bonfante. "EdgeWave built us a powerful and nonintrusive solution that allows us to effectively control Internet usage policies without the need to touch every single device that comes on board."

EdgeWave Technology
With EdgeWave's Advanced Web Gateway and iGuard platform, the USTA can set flexible, yet granular security policies for Internet users and automatically block flagged URLs and web pages from reaching connection endpoints.

During the 2013 US Open, EdgeWave managed 4.5 TBs of data over 210,000 unique endpoint connections during the course of the tournament—while maintaining a secure 850+Mbps throughput with zero network latency.

The firm has also developed a suite of cybersecurity tools that allow event and venue managers to connect securely. The Advanced Web Gateway is a web security solution that combines web filtering, anti-virus, and SSL encryption, plus laptop and mobile device security on a multi-gigabit appliance.

"Environments like the US Open, the largest annual sporting event in the world, require solutions with maximum flexibility and scalability when it comes to network management. Instead of having the USTA sacrifice business and user experience to meet security requirements, we built a custom solution that achieved both—allowing the organization to provide a secure and connected experience," said Dave Maquera, CEO and President of EdgeWave.


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