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— December 04, 2013

Businesses are facing increasing demands from employees for easy access to corporate data and business applications from any device and anywhere. These demands make ensuring the proper level of security and access to information challenging for IT departments.

In response, Juniper Networks has launched its Junos Pulse AppConnect software development kit (SDK) that enables per-application virtual private network (VPN) connectivity from both iOS and Android devices to the Junos Pulse Secure Access Service.

“We believe the VPN market is undergoing a transition from securing devices to securing applications end-to-end,” said Tamir Hardof, Senior Director, Security Product Marketing, Juniper Networks. “Juniper’s vision is that every user will securely and transparently access only authorized corporate data from any device (personal or company owned) through applications from anywhere. With AppConnect’s per-application VPN technology Juniper is taking significant steps toward realizing this vision.”

Using AppConnect, enterprises will have more granular control over access to corporate networks and applications, preserving the security and integrity of their data, network and resources end-to-end. The solution enables companies, developers and application container solution providers, to secure data flowing from applications and application containers to enterprise networks through Junos Pulse Secure Access Service Gateways.

Data privacy afforded by the container technology in AppConnect can be extended to the data in transit back to the corporate network– transparently and on a per-application basis – for Android and iOS devices. The potential for corporate data leakage via applications on personally owned devices is subsequently greatly reduced.

Juniper’s new technology allows for VPN sessions to be established per application versus per device, reducing personal traffic on corporate networks and protecting information that really matters to the organization.

For users, AppConnect relieves employee concerns that personal data is flowing over the corporate network and makes it much easier to connect.  Users no longer need to launch a separate application to connect to the corporate network securely via VPN; Applications and application containers connect automatically to the private network.


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