Critical Care Patient Monitoring Data Available on Doctor iPads and iPhones

By Tony Rizzo — June 13, 2012

GE Healthcare and AirStrip Technologies have worked together to deliver AirStrip PATIENT MONITORING, which securely delivers patient monitoring information to critical-care physicians' iPhones and iPads. AirStrip helps physicians interact with, manipulate and zoom in on more than 100 clinical measurements and access physiologic data and monitoring waveforms, anytime and anywhere.
AirStrip Technologies develops mobile technology that enables access to live and actionable patient data. AirStrip focuses on native smartphone and tablet applications for mobile-based clinical workflow and decision making, which allows physicians to be anywhere and still access patient information.
AirStrip PATIENT MONITORING is designed to help mobile physicians make efficient, informed clinical decisions across and beyond hospital boundaries. The technology adds to GE Healthcare and AirStrip Technologies' initial joint offering, AirStrip CARDIOLOGY, which provides cardiologists with digitally enhanced and comparative cardiac ECG data that can be accessed on iPads and iPhones. Clinicians are early adopters of many wireless devices. According to a Manhattan Research survey, 75 percent of U.S. physicians own some form of Apple device, such as an iPhone or iPad.
Critical-care physicians must make timely treatment decisions for a hospital's sickest patients even though they face increasingly hectic patient care responsibilities - which make it difficult to continuously be at the bedside. The key goal for AirStrip PATIENT MONITORING is to serve as an important clinical decision support tool and help expand physicians' access to patient information. If a nurse requires immediate consultation, physicians can be located anywhere and access critical patient information before determining appropriate care approaches.
"As doctors increasingly use smartphones and tablets, GE Healthcare is committed to driving convergence between mobile technologies, biomedical devices and clinical information systems," notes Thierry Leclercq, general manager, Life Care Solutions, GE Healthcare. "AirStrip PATIENT MONITORING combines GE Healthcare's clinical innovations and AirStrip’s powerful mobile health technologies. Empowering doctors with highly interactive patient monitoring information, when and where it is needed, supports physician decision-making and ultimately, patient safety and care."
AirStrip PATIENT MONITORING offers physicians greater decision support than traditional mobile viewing applications. Physicians can now directly view and zoom in on live clinical measurements - other applications do not enable this level of interaction and provide only limited subsets of data. AirStrip PATIENT MONITORING is a native application specifically designed for environments where mobile access to critical patient data is essential.
"The mobile technology platform at the heart of AirStrip PATIENT MONITORING can revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered by decentralizing secure, actionable patient information and making it accessible virtually anytime, anywhere," says Cameron Powell, M.D., President and Chief Medical Officer, AirStrip. "AirStrip PATIENT MONITORING unites a strong user experience with the ability for clinicians to make faster, more informed treatment decisions via their mobile device, which can then improve patient care and overall workflow in ways that doctors are already embracing."
AirStrip PATIENT MONITORING helps clinicians access near real-time data and historical patient information up to 24 hours ago. It links with GE Healthcare's portfolio of comprehensive patient monitoring platforms, such as the CARESCAPE Monitor B850, CARESCAPE Monitor B650, Solar and Dash monitors, to give physicians access to patient waveforms, vital signs and other critical clinical measurements on interactive iPad and iPhone displays. This connectivity is powered via CARESCAPE Gateway, which interfaces biomedical devices with hospital information systems to streamline otherwise disparate clinical information.
In 2010, AirStrip received FDA clearance of the platform behind AirStrip PATIENT MONITORING, and announced it obtained the CE Mark in January 2012. This technology is designed to promote HIPAA compliance and clinical data is securely stored on hospital servers, rather than residing on doctors' mobile devices.


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