DS Waters Turns To Mobile Training To Launch New Fleet Management Solution

By PRESS RELEASE — December 02, 2008

InfoLogix's e-Learning Organization Develops Interactive, Web-Based Training Solution to Facilitate Technology Adoption and Improve Employee Productivity
HATBORO, PA  --  InfoLogix, Inc. (NASDAQ: IFLG), a leading technology provider of enterprise mobility and advanced wireless asset tracking solutions for the healthcare and commercial industries, announced it has successfully deployed an advanced mobile training solution for DS Waters of America, Inc., an Atlanta-based home and office bottled water delivery company.
DS Waters recognized the importance of automating fleet logistics for its 2000+ delivery trucks, which are responsible for distributing bottled water to over 1 million home, office, and retail establishments across the country.  After conducting an extensive review of technology options, DS Waters decided to deploy sophisticated Intermec CN3 handsets to each of their bottled water delivery Route Sales Reps (RSR's), enabling them to streamline their workflow and minimize the risk of operational errors.
One of the most critical aspects of this mobile technology deployment was mitigating any potential training and adoption challenges associated with such a large-scale endeavor.  In particular, the geographically-dispersed RSR's do not work in a traditional office environment or assemble together as a group which made conventional, classroom-based training an impractical option.  Additionally, the degree of technology familiarity among the RSR's varied widely, necessitating a self-paced training approach.
To address these considerations, DS Waters turned to InfoLogix for help, based on InfoLogix's extensive experience managing mobility rollouts of this size and scope.  InfoLogix developed interactive, web-based training courseware specific to DS Waters' unique technology and workflow processes.  The innovative training solution featured a custom-built "Learning Management System," an enterprise-wide application that provided DS Waters' Associates with convenient access to online training courses, scheduled all training activities and centralized the results of the geographically-dispersed training efforts at DS Waters' Atlanta Support Quarters.
"InfoLogix's mobile training solution enabled us to easily provide consistent instructional quality and content to our Route Sales Reps across the US," said Dennis Flynn, director of HOD Systems at DS Waters.  "We trained all of our RSRs in an incredibly cost-effective manner, plus we've been able to minimize any potential overtime costs we might have otherwise incurred."
"Based on our experience managing more than 2,000 mobility deployments nationwide, we know  that one of the most critical success factors is providing end-users with convenient, easy-to-use training that empowers them to fully utilize all the benefits of mobility technology," noted David Gulian, president and CEO of InfoLogix. "Our e-Learning organization has an unparalleled track record of helping a broad array of companies facilitate technology deployments and increasing employee productivity."
About InfoLogix, Inc.
InfoLogix is a leading provider of enterprise mobility and advanced wireless asset tracking solutions for the healthcare and commercial industries. InfoLogix uses the industry's most advanced technologies to increase the efficiency, accuracy, and transparency of complex business and clinical processes. With 19 issued patents, InfoLogix provides mobile managed solutions, on-demand software applications, mobile infrastructure products, and strategic consulting services to over 2,000 clients in North America including Kraft Foods, Merck and Company, General Electric, Kaiser Permanente, MultiCare Health System and Stanford School of Medicine. InfoLogix is a publicly traded company (NASDAQ: IFLG).

About DS Waters
DS Waters is a U. S. operated bottled water company with a long history of great American brands. DS Waters is the producer and distributor of home, office, and retail bottled water products across the United States under the brand names Alhambra, Belmont Springs, Crystal Springs, Hinckley Springs, Kentwood Springs, Nursery Water, Sierra Springs and Sparkletts, and Roast2Coast, a coffee delivery service.  The company, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, is the U.S. leader in home and office water delivery, focusing on five gallon, one gallon and single serve bottled water products. Water is bottled at 26 manufacturing facilities and then delivered to millions of homes and offices, as well as retail establishments across the country. DS Waters employs approximately 4,700 Associates in 40 states.


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