Dell Streamlines BYOD

— April 02, 2014

Dell released an updated Secure Mobile Access (SMA) solution that provides mobile users with per-app virtual private network (VPN) access to enterprise data and resources, while protecting the corporate network from security threats. By enabling IT to restrict VPN access only to a set of trusted mobile apps, the solution is designed to manage and secure access to business apps and data, while coexisting with personal applications and respecting personal data privacy.

The solution complements Dell’s recent Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution—securely managing both devices and containers. SMA enables IT to restrict private network access to a set of trusted apps and prevent unauthorized apps from accessing VPN resources.  It protects traffic from interception and keeps in-flight data secure.

Security for BYOD
The BYOD trend and proliferation of both, employee and employer-owned mobile devices in the workplace, has resulted in a mandate for IT to enable secure mobile access to corporate data and resources. While the potential for security breaches and the introduction of malware into the network can result from any type of mobile access, the risk intensifies with the co-mingling of business and personal data and apps when employees use personal devices for work.

SMA helps organizations realize a connected security strategy through per-app VPN and single-vendor capabilities—for managing delivery and access levels to specific data and apps, from any location, with personal devices.

Reducing Business Risks
The solution combines a Dell SonicWALL E-Class Secure Remote Access (SRA) app, powered by the new SMA Operating System 11.0, with the Dell SonicWALL Mobile Connect 3.1 mobile app—in order to enable IT to facilitate secure mobile access and role-based privileges, for managed and unmanaged devices.

SMA provides context-aware authentication that ensures only authenticated users and trusted devices are allowed access. Based on the user ID and location of the device, the solution’s OS can increase or decrease the user’s level of access to resources from a specific device. Policy-enforced network access controls connect the user to only permitted corporate data and resources.

VPN Access Elements
Allowing administrators to configure a set of mobile apps they trust, an encrypted single sign-on VPN connection to the SRA app, binds the VPN tunnel directly to the approved app. In addition, the SMA allows only registered mobile apps to access the VPN, while blocking personal apps that may potentially spread malware threats and waste corporate bandwidth—reducing risk by enforcing users to comply to a personal device authorization policy. The solution requires no modification or software development kit (SDK) tools, to speed deployment time and reduce implementation cost and complexity.

SMA in the Field
According to Jay Terrell, CTO of Public Service in Fulton County, GA, “In Fulton County, we needed to embrace mobility to keep our thousands of public service professionals not only productive, but safe. They needed the ability to reach critical applications remotely from the field, but we had to maintain the highest level of security for those connections and access. The solution provided lower total cost of ownership (TCO), greater ease of use and disaster preparedness. Now, with more workers requesting access to our network from personal devices, we see the critical need to provide access to only trusted applications and to ensure that we protect the county from legal risk.”


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