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— October 11, 2013

Kony, Inc., has launched its Multi-Channel Experience Cloud, an end-to-end suite of products and services that creates a collaboration environment for business users, designers and developers to deliver compelling multi-channel app experiences.

This launch begins a multi-phase rollout of cloud-based offerings that will enable organizations to keep pace with constantly changing mobile technology and deliver superior user-first experiences with significantly lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and faster time-to-market.

“When it comes to releasing mobile apps, most developers fall short of the mark that we see most five-star applications hitting,” said Jeffrey Hammond, Vice President & Principal Analyst and Vivian Brown, Researcher, Forrester Research. “More than half (51%) release four times a year or fewer, while roughly 13% have the capacity to release on a monthly basis if needed. In contrast, five-star development shops tend to release eight to 12 times a year.”

To address these challenges, Kony has reinvented and streamlined the software development life-cycle (SDLC) for multi-channel apps with its Experience Platform, a cloud-based platform that enables organizations to design, develop, test, deploy, and manage apps across any digital channel from a single code base. In addition to this core SDLC functionality, the platform offers a unique collaboration environment for business users, designers, and developers to work together in real-time to deliver compelling experiences that meet business demands.

“Working with Kony takes the guesswork out of mobile application development, enabling SunTrust to focus on delivering business value to our clients through engaging and visually stunning apps,” said Jeff Dennes, SVP, Digital Channels, SunTrust Banks. “The ease of use that comes with the Kony Experience Platform will eliminate some of the cumbersome development processes, making the delivery of apps more focused on the user interface and user experience across phones, tablets and desktops.”

The Kony Multi-Channel Experience Cloud suite is comprised of:

Kony Visualization Cloud, a multi-channel app experience design and collaboration solution that combines UI, UX, and WYSIWYG prototyping and integrates with development. No prior device experience or coding skills are required to deliver app designs with cloud-based development integration. Built-in sharing and collaboration further provides the ability for enterprises to get instant feedback from key stakeholders while increasing speed of delivery and process effectiveness and removing friction between designers and developers.

Kony Development Cloud, a comprehensive set of cloud services (mBaaS), frameworks and tools for developing multi-channel HTML5, hybrid, and native apps from a single code base, enabling enterprises to focus on innovation and create next-gen multi-channel app experiences. Apps can be coded once in JavaScript and deployed to over 10,000 devices with one click, removing the burden of having to keep pace with mobile technology.

Kony Management Cloud allows enterprises to stay ahead of the BYOD curve with user-centric and cloud-based management, effectively creating the next generation of intelligent enterprise mobility management (EMM). Organizations can manage apps, devices, and content with this EMM suite, the least intrusive and most context-aware of its kind. Additionally, enterprises can simplify administration by using an intuitive console that allows seamless administrator functionality. With integration to the development process, Kony Management Cloud offers a complete approach to app security. 

Kony Apps Cloud enables organizations to leverage proven workflows and pre-built vertical and enterprise integrations to deliver ready-to-run multi-channel customer and employee apps. Additionally, enterprises can fully extend app functionality to fit unique business requirements and easily customize the app design to meet brand guidelines. Apps now align with product roadmaps, with the ability to easily incorporate future updates.

Kony Cloud Foundation, built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), provides comprehensive backend infrastructure that allows users to focus on creating apps rather than hosting and managing them. Kony Cloud Foundation offers elastic, scalable, pay-as-you-go capacity in the cloud and flexible deployment, including public cloud, hybrid hosting and on-premises options. The Kony Cloud Foundation allows administrators to easily provision cloud instances, manage users and accounts, analyze usage reporting and monitor system performance.


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