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— March 11, 2011

InfomatiX Ltd, based in Budapest, Hungary, has put on the market the first cloud-based development framework that is publicly available for all developers. With this kit, anyone with programming skills can easily develop and deploy mobile applications without investing efforts in the architecture or wasting time with porting.

One of the biggest challenges of mobility is creating and rolling out mobile solutions that cover more than one platform and create similar experiences on the different platforms. Current development methods are either using native coding, which is expensive regarding resources, or some framework that is XML-based and thus cannot handle all of the business logic necessary for a full-fledged solution.

Moreover, app development is demanding on the hardware level as well, since a different development environment knowledge is necessary for each of the platforms (iPhone, Blackberry, Android, WP7), not to mention the integration challenges for business applications that must connect to back-office systems.

Business decision-makers and developers generally pinpoint one or two platforms and deploy their applications for the selected ones. The primary choice is usually iPhone, followed by Android and BlackBerry.

Based on many years of extended research and innovation, InfomatiX has generated one simple and radical approach for the developers and decision-makers that is changing the development process for all platforms. With the newest 4.0 version of its mobile development kit Mobiaccess, Infomatix has created one platform that is a programming tool using .net-like language and is running from the cloud. The developer has nothing to do, but create the code, compile it for the given platform, and install it on mobile phones or post it to any app store he selects.

"We have dreamed of Mobiaccess 4 as a completely platform independent, unique programming tool, competitive with any native code in performance, while giving the freedom of development in parallel. Mobiaccess 4 will be welcome by a wide range of developers, since it can easily help them with the back-office integration as well, this way simplifying all aspects of mobile development," says Zoltán Mocsári, head of the development team.

In our concept, it also had to be very familiar to most of the developers, so we selected a language that is very close to .net. Also, since it is working from the cloud, developers do not have to worry about obtaining any kind of specific hardware or software; all is handled for them by our infrastructure," says Mocsári.

Infomatix's strategy is to provide one single platform for all mobile solutions within an enterprise. Mobiaccess 4 aims to answer all enterprise challenges, with secure communication, easy maintenance and rollout, continuous version upgrades and on-site deployment. We are putting great effort on creating solutions with quick delivery times as well as high return of investment on the solutions created by our tool.

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