Device Management Provider FancyFon Supports Windows Phone 7

— October 25, 2010

FancyFon, a pioneer in mobile device management solutions that enable organizations manage multiple smartphones securely and centrally over the air from a single point of control, will support Microsoft's Windows Phone 7.
Windows Phone 7 (WP7) is the latest mobile operating system developed by Microsoft. Due to its recent launch in Europe and Asia, and on Nov. 8 in the U.S., it is the successor to Microsoft's Windows Mobile platform. Benefits of WP7 include a brand new, "consumer-friendly" user interface, integration of the operating system into other services, and strictly control over the hardware it runs on.
Dietmar Fuchs, COO at FancyFon says, "One of FancyFon's key strengths is the ability to provide its centralized, over-the-air device management solution to companies whose employees use multiple types of handset, on many different operating systems. Therefore it is very important for FancyFon to also support WP7, as it will be an urgent requirement of our international customer base."
FancyFon has developed a strong relationship with Microsoft over recent years, providing specialist remote management for Microsoft's Windows CE, and Windows Mobile v5 and v6. At the heart of the solution, is FancyFon Mobility Center, FAMOC, one of the industry's most innovative mobile device lifecycle management platforms. As wireless technologies mature and capabilities increase, organizations are starting to rely on this cutting-edge technology to realize productivity and efficiency enhancements from their mobile fleet.
Not only does FancyFon enable organizations to reap the rewards of enhanced business productivity and employee efficiency, it also allows new and improved services to be seamlessly rolled out, with no disruption to business continuity. In addition, FancyFon reduces administrative complexity, support, and management costs, whilst increasing privacy and data security to address compliance issues. FAMOC will provide support for WP7 from Q1 2011.


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