Dexterra's Mobile Command Center is End-to-End Solution for Field Service Industry

— September 28, 2007

New Mobile Command Center 2.0 offers field workers a better way of working by re-defining the last mile of the service delivery process

BOTHELL, Wash.: Dexterra has today announced a new addition to its award-winning Dexterra Concert Field Service product line with the launch of its Mobile Command Center (MCC) 2.0. Dexterra's MCC 2.0 is the industry's first enterprise application developed as a fully integrated end-to-end solution for provisioning, scheduling and dispatching mobile field service technicians.

Dexterra has used its years of experience in solving business mobility problems, as well as its understanding that the same business processes that work inside the office cannot be simply replicated in the mobile environment, to designing MCC 2.0 from the 'outside in'. By taking into account the fact that fieldwork is naturally task-centric and event-driven -- with many outside, contextual factors to consider -- Dexterra has developed MCC 2.0 around the way in which field workers actually perform their jobs, rather than forcing them to fit in with office-bound business processes. These capabilities are further enhanced with the addition of a business intelligence engine to ensure in "real-time" that not only the job gets completed, but that it is done right the first time.

Dexterra's MCC 2.0 empowers field service professionals with a new way of working by arming them with the right information, knowledge and resources that they need to do their jobs from any location. Together with Dexterra's award winning Field Service application, field workers can receive, review and complete asset and service-based work orders and, more specifically, can easily confirm jobs and execute on work orders in the real-time context of location, time and content.

Dexterra's MCC 2.0 also enables schedulers, dispatchers and field service managers to work with intuitive easy-to-use applications to make intelligent decisions based on the reality in the field, rather than theoretical calculations created in a desk-based vacuum -- resulting in the ability to more easily meet customer service level requirements in a consistent manner.

Specific benefits of MCC 2.0 include:

  • Empowering call agents to generate complex work orders that previously only highly skilled service managers could handle
  • Enabling mobile field workers to receive all the information needed to perform the work order quickly, correctly and profitably

"Over the past few years, our customers have increasingly been requesting a complete end to end field service solution that provided them with the ability to strategically transform their service organization. One that will effectively fit into their existing systems and processes and fill the gap left between enterprise back office systems and mobile applications in the field," said Rob Loughan, CEO, Dexterra. "Mobile Command Center 2.0 addresses exactly this need, providing organizations with a complete solution which re-defines the way in which service is delivered. Field workers are provided with the right information at the right time in the right way, enabling them to carry out their jobs efficiently and productively. Customers that have implemented MCC have seen tremendous gains in efficiency and productivity in record time."

Specific features of Dexterra's MCC 2.0 include:

  • Real-time, exception-based optimized scheduling for planned and reactive mission-critical scheduling, dispatch and intraday handling
  • Full work order lifecycle management -- right from generating the work request through to tracking, executing and debriefing on a particular job
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) management
  • Real time asset tracking -- taking a holistic view of all the assets involved in field service e.g. worker, vehicle and service equipment
  • Support for the entire service delivery cycle

Beneath Dexterra's MCC 2.0 lies a purpose-built robust multi-tenant platform designed for rapidly developing and deploying enterprise class Web 2.0 office applications -- much like Dexterra Concert for mobile applications. This reduces the overall cost and time of deployment, resulting in more predictable and rapid return on investment (ROI). Additionally, it ensures that different service delivery organizations within the same enterprise can each run with their own business rules and configurations, and can deliver a rich process-driven user experience unequalled in the industry.

About Dexterra

Dexterra is the only mobile enterprise application and platform company in the world that delivers a fully Integrated End-to-End Mobile Management Solution for Field Service Workers.

Dexterra's flagship product Concert -- enables Dexterra customers to deploy mobile business solutions with complete flexibility, security and control. Dexterra's industry-specific solutions support the largest selection of wireless and mobile devices and integrate with the greatest number of enterprise back-office systems -- all with minimal impact on the business' IT infrastructure.

Many of the world's premier mobile technology companies and industry leaders rely on Dexterra to power their Mobile Way of Business, including Emirates Airlines, IKON Office Solutions, Motorola, Stanford University and the United States Department of Homeland Security. With offices in Seattle, the Silicon Valley, Toronto, London, Cologne, Singapore, and Melbourne, Dexterra also partners with technology leaders such as IBM, Motorola, Accenture, RIM, CapGemini, Telstra, and AT&T. For more information, visit


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