Do-It-Yourself BYOD

— August 12, 2014

To balance IT and end-user needs, JAMF Software has unveiled the latest release of its Casper Suite. The solution will provide IT professionals with a simple way to manage BYOD programs while respecting employee privacy, and includes improvements that enable users to be more self-sufficient.

The mobile device explosion is driving demand for BYOD programs and the need for smart management tools that balance IT and user requirements. Gartner Inc. predicts 50% of companies will require BYOD by 2016. The firm also predicts 1 in 5 BYOD programs will fail because of too much restriction on the user.

In short, users want a say in which device they use and are rejecting rigid BYOD management solutions that infringe on their privacy.
BYOD Made Easy
Designed specifically for iOS and Android devices, the solution offers security compliance without changing the native experience on the user's device or invading their privacy. Users can securely and easily access corporate resources such as email, contacts, calendars, Wi-Fi and VPN and management and security settings are transparent to them—informing users of anything IT can do on their devices.

IT can only remove corporate data from the device. This protects the user’s personal data, such as photos and documents.

The solution integrates well with enterprise networks and simplifies user enrollment by automatically prompting the user device for enrollment once it detects it’s on the network.

IT-Free Service
More users demand anytime access to everything and new revisions enable IT professionals to maintain control over the user's environment, while empowering them to find the right productivity applications and content.

Self Service enables users to install their own apps, content, printers, passwords, upgrades, patches and more—without having to contact IT. But enterprise IT can still promote and provision the appropriate tools and settings.

"There are three significant factors that are causing BYOD initiatives to fail: cost, complexity and user adoption. By moving personal privacy and transparency to the front and center, we have delivered technology to get IT what it needs—while at the same time giving them a solution users will accept," said Jason Wudi, CTO of JAMF Software. "In today's can-do world, where productivity and innovation win the day, it's more important than ever to arm employees with the technology and tools that inspire their thinking, and enable them to achieve success."


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