DoD, U.S. Navy to Deploy First 4G Wireless System

By Jessica Binns, Contributing Editor — May 17, 2012

Cambium Networks and Broadband Antenna Tracking Systems (BATS Wireless) are supplying an enhanced wireless point-to-point (PTP) radio and antenna tracking solution as part of a mobile communications networking project being led by Oceus Networks. The systems will be piloted by the U.S. Navy, providing onboard and ship-to-ship broadband data and communications. The project is the first U.S. Department of Defense operational deployment of 4G LTE and is based on Oceus Networks' Xiphos family of mobile 4G LTE network solutions.

In providing a combined PTP and WWAN provisioning solution, Cambium, a provider of wireless broadband solutions for reliable connectivity in any environment, and WWAN systems specialist BATS Wireless deliver customers a fully ruggedized wireless network solution that can be used for a number of ship-to-shore, inter-ship or intra-ship broadband applications, from defense deployments to oil and gas industry communications needs. Without the use of this enhanced PTP solution, implementations such as the Navy's would be dependent on satellite coverage for broadband communications -- an expensive and less capable alternative. For the Oceus implementation, ruggedized self-optimizing network nodes can be placed aboard ships, installed in tactical warfighter vehicles, or mounted on aerial platforms to be used wherever secure and quickly provisioning high-speed voice, video and data communications are needed.

"By incorporating BATS antenna tracking capabilities and Cambium's strong and reliable PTP system into our Xiphos-based solution, we're able to offer defense customers a broadband solution that will allow ships to communicate with each other even in the harshest ocean conditions," said Cal Shintani, chief growth officer, Oceus Networks.

Indicative of this symbiotic relationship, the industry-first BATS BTS and AMATS suites are deeply integrated with a near universal list of Cambium's tested broadband PTP radio and antenna configurations. The combined system can be utilized in numerous applications to provide a truly universal WWAN solution that offers the speed and capacity of a directional system, with the flexibility and mobility of a sector-based or omni-direction array. The systems also allow for a number of mobility scenarios, including fixed (tower to tower, building to building), fixed to mobile (ship to shore, air to ground), and fully mobile deployments (ship to ship, air to mobile command). Used as part of the Navy deployment, Cambium's PTP 45600 product is DISA UC APL (Defense Information Systems Agency Unified Capabilities Approved Products List) certified to meet specifications required for military and federal applications and is considered the primary wireless transport solution for many theatre-deployed situation awareness programs for the U.S. ARMY and U.S. Marine Corps, in addition to the Navy.


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