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By PRESS RELEASE — November 25, 2008

NEWARK, Calif. --  Socket Mobile, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCKT), an innovative provider of mobile productivity solutions, announced the compatibility of Socket data capture solutions with the BlackBerry Bold, Pearl and Curve smartphones. 

Compatibility will soon be available for the newly released BlackBerry Storm smartphone.  Businesses can now benefit when field personnel are equipped with the Socket Cordless Hand Scanner (CHS) connected to a BlackBerry smartphone through application software or SocketScan software, resulting in improved accuracy, productivity and heightened customer service.

As more small / medium businesses, enterprises and government agencies adopt smartphones to enable efficient processes, compatibility becomes a more critical issue. Socket has demonstrated experience with partners providing integrated software solutions to mobile devices, resulting in significant insight into the use of data capture devices in the business environment. By broadening the software support of its scanning line, Socket is bringing new tools to mobile workers while leveraging its existing business investment in smartphones. The Socket CHS can be used for bar code scanning functions, including inventory and asset management and field service.

"Socket recognizes that the profile of the mobile worker is constantly evolving. The paradigm is shifting on how smartphones are being used in today's business environment, and we're strongly committed to supporting this shift to enable the mobile worker to fully utilize the smartphone platform," said Bob Zink, senior vice president of worldwide sales and marketing at Socket Mobile. "Industries including hospitality, pharmaceutical and retail that currently use smartphones are requiring more robust and powerful capabilities beyond data look--up and personal information management. Socket has a tradition of providing solutions that maximize the functionality of devices currently in use and we will continue to develop these enabling technologies for the diverse business mobility market."

Socket provides software that enables the CHS to connect to any BlackBerry smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing easy integration by an IT team.

Additionally, users can quickly become adept at working with Socket scanners since they leverage the BlackBerry interface users are already accustomed to. Without additional software costs or integration schemes, the Socket CHS can be deployed in any mobile environment.

SocketScan software for BlackBerry is now available for download to your smartphone.

About Socket Mobile, Inc.
Socket makes mobility computing and productivity work. The company is a one--stop supplier of mobile computing hardware systems, offering a handheld mobile computer specifically designed for business mobility use and an extensive portfolio of essential mobile data collection and networking peripherals that enable mobile automation and productivity increases. The company also offers OEM solutions. Socket is headquartered in Newark, Calif.


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