Enhancements to App Add Ease, Cut Build Time

— August 20, 2012

Antenna Software released a set of enhancements for its cloud-based enterprise mobility suite, AMPchroma. With these enhancements, Antenna believes corporate app developers will be able to build mobile applications for enterprise use quickly and easily.

Developers can use HTML5, JavaScript and CSS skill-sets without having to deal with the perceived pitfalls browser-based app development or recode applications for different hardware or software platforms.

AMPchroma users can add offline synchronization capabilities – including guaranteed transaction delivery and auditing – to their apps by selecting those capabilities from a library of pre-built application components. The component library also includes a comprehensive range of plug-and-play user interface controls, which work in tandem with Antenna's patented device database to ensure that apps incorporating the controls are rendered optimally on over 11,000 different devices including feature phones and tablets.

Developers can also design their own controls and add them to the suite's library of pre-built components, enabling their colleagues to have access to them and accelerating the development process.

Antenna’s Executive Vice President of Technology and Engineering Mark Watson believes AMPchroma provides users with quick, easy app development capabilities.

"In the last year the mobile solutions market has been overrun by technologies that allow developers to build prototype mobile applications very quickly. What's not commonly understood is the time and effort required to make those prototypes genuinely enterprise-ready and portable across different mobile platforms," says Watson "That's a serious issue because industry trends such as BYOD and the emerging diversity of mobile phone and tablet platforms mean that making apps reliable, portable, and secure – across as many devices as possible – is now the key to mobile business success."

Other AMPchroma enhancements include:

•    Integrated testing tools that enable developers to incorporate on-demand or automatic testing into the development lifecycle of their app, rather than having to install separate device-specific testing tools or simulators
•    Profile management capabilities that allow businesses to define separate workgroups for app designers versus app developers (via the suite's AMP Builder and AMP Studio modules)
•    The ability for app developers to share code with one another on a more informal and collaborative basis via the AMP Builder interface 

All of the updates have been integrated with AMPchroma's database of hardware profiles, which gives developers a "write-once-deploy-to-all" capability as they are able to port their apps across different combinations of software and hardware platforms without having to recode their work.


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