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— December 19, 2013

Yapmo has released new editions of its cloud-based enterprise social application that have been customized for IT sales, direct sales and real estate organizations.

Like earlier editions for hospitality and logistics as well as for the general enterprise, the new offerings are tailored to provide collaboration tools that solve specific business challenges, dramatically reduce internal email, and avoid bombarding users with irrelevant news feeds that waste time.

The new IT sales edition is designed to shorten sales cycles by bringing internal employees, customers and partners into collaboration loops created for each sales opportunity, engineering project or other engagement.

The direct sales edition supports independent consultants’ sales efforts by providing access to product updates, sales incentives, event calendars, and collaboration loops for each sales family and hierarchical group. 

The real estate edition helps drive property sales through efficient sharing of information such as in-house property listings, client property requests and internal referrals as well as collaboration loops that can even include property videos and purchase documents.

All Yapmo editions also have common features such as task, bookmark and user search functions. Other highlights of the platform include:

  • One-click collaboration spaces that can be auto-generated by end users for each customer, project, sales team or other need, based on rules configured by Yapmo engineers before rollout.
  • Easy external user integration, avoiding problems encountered with other products that require the creation of special logins and separate instances for users without corporate email addresses. Yapmo also automatically applies the proper security settings for each user.
  • Personalized content delivery, freeing users from the task of slogging through hundreds of posts unrelated to their jobs. Users simply define their areas of interest by hashtags (marketing, engineering, finance, community management, specific clients and projects, etc.), and Yapmo delivers new posts in a topic-specific discussion format rather than as a general news feed.
  • Consistent mobile, tablet and desktop interfaces, eliminating the usability and training complications associated with solutions that have different navigation and functionality on different platforms.
  • Support for audio and video as well as documents, allowing customers like Hyatt Hotels Corporation to use Yapmo as a content delivery platform for photos, files, training videos and other needs instead of using email or an expensive video sharing platform.
  • Fully API-driven for integration with any internal system, enabling users to simply click a button in their CRM, accounting or other application to create Yapmo collaboration loops, import relevant documents into Yapmo and more.
Yapmo also syncs with Active Directory, automating the addition or deletion of new or departing employees in the Yapmo system. White labeling of both mobile and desktop interfaces to match the customer’s brand, providing an option that is not available from most enterprise social network products.
For @properties, the largest Chicago-based residential real estate company, the real estate edition has eliminated 25,000 emails per day across the organization – typically 100 per day per user - and replaced them with a handful of targeted notifications enabling agents to immediately jump on live opportunities pertinent to their specific geography or clients.  That in turn has helped generate as many as 61 in-house property sales and $1.28 million in gross commissions per month.  


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