Florida Police Department and Sheriff's Office Upgrade Public Safety Communications Solution

— December 06, 2006

The Clearwater Police Department and Pinellas County Sheriff's Office in Florida are replacing their computer-aided dispatch system with VisiCAD Command from TriTech Software Systems. Both agencies also have chosen TriTech's mobile application, VisiNet Mobile, to provide seamless communication from the CAD to field personnel.

With the new system, CPD and PCSO will now be able to respond, operate and communicate in a more efficient and timely manner to its 940,000 citizens within their jurisdiction.

Clearwater Police and Pinellas County Sheriff's officials partnered to replace their outdated dispatch systems which had become increasingly difficult to maintain. Neither of their existing systems provided integration to mobile data computers and records management systems nor possessed data sharing capabilities to communicate with other agencies and external jurisdictions. As the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks other emergency events brought the need for interoperability to the forefront, Pinellas County and Clearwater Police recognized the need to modernize their system with turnkey, flexible solution.

After a rigorous evaluation of various systems from several public safety vendors, TriTech was selected for its ability to provide a system with greater performance and flexibility which could also expand for an interoperable regional effort. The similar TriTech solution for CPD and PCSO will allow for instantaneous communication and immediate data sharing between their systems to enhance multi-jurisdictional incident response and management. Additionally, with the open client-server architecture of VisiCAD Command, CPD and PCSO officials will be provided regular upgrades for its solutions, which deliver continual system performance and feature enhancements to ensure that their systems will always be on the cutting edge of technology.

“Pinellas County Sheriff's Office and the Clearwater Police Department partnered to combine their resources to increase technology interoperability, enhance public response, improve officer safety and provide a platform that other agencies could join in the future,” says Deputy Chief of Police William “Bill” Baird of Clearwater Police Department.“ TriTech Software Systems was selected by a cross-section of personnel from both agencies because their product could provide the most dynamic and flexible uses of data. Reference checks and on-site visits confirmed RFP evaluations that TriTech was providing the most prolific CAD product that both agencies had reviewed. Now that city council has approved and signed the contract, we are anxiously waiting for the implementation process to begin.”

“Following a thorough evaluation of all our options, our team judged that TriTech provided the best solution,” says Dan Wiggins, director of support services for Pinellas County Sheriff's Information Management Division. “TriTech's VisiCAD software solution provides the flexibility we have been searching for to complete our real-time information sharing system with our partners at the Clearwater Police Department.”

VisiNet Mobile, TriTech's wireless mobile data solution, will enhance data sharing from headquarters to the field as it seamlessly integrates with VisiCAD to provide real-time incident details, integrated mapping capabilities, hazmat details and caution notes. Field personnel have the ability to make on-scene decisions to enhance personnel and public safety and improve operational efficiency through secure, real-time access to CAD, RMS and other public/proprietary databases.

“We are very pleased that TriTech has been selected for its unmatched ability to provide an integrated and interoperable public safety communications solution that meets the requirements of law enforcement agencies,” said TriTech president and CEO Chris Maloney.“ Each agency will be able to operate on the same system and jointly respond to events without having to compromise their individual requirements. Through VisiCAD Command and VisiNet Mobile, Clearwater Police and Pinellas County Sheriff's Office will be provided the assurance of enhanced response times and robust recommendations to emergency situations through unparalleled access to critical information.”


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