GeoPro Unveils Remote Safety, Monitoring and Two-Way Global Satellite Messaging Solution

— July 29, 2010

GeoPro LBS, a developer of enterprise remote workforce solutions, recently announced the commercial release of GeoPro, which the company is calling the first workplace safety, monitoring, and productivity solution designed to work anywhere.

GeoPro supports real-time, low-latency two-way communications over a highly-reliable, secure IP and global satellite network, the firm reports.

"Organizations are facing increased internal and regulatory pressures to ensure the safety of lone workers while needing to extend the productivity and cost benefits of two-way messaging to remote geographies," said founder Morris Shawn, GeoPro LBS. "GeoPro delivers a comprehensive set of remote messaging and workforce management functions, ensuring that employees have a reliable, two-way means of messaging, checking in, or requesting emergency help, while employers have the tools and information to respond promptly and effectively."

GeoPro is comprised of the GeoPro Messenger, a rugged two-way satellite text messaging device with built in GPS, and the secure hosted GeoPro Web Application that improves management oversight of employees in the remote field. GeoPro's solution leverages the Iridium satellite network and world class GPS, to provide affordable, real-time communication beyond cellular coverage zones, better awareness of worker location and status, and more effective management of emergency incidents or missed check-in events.

Key features of the GeoPro Messenger device include:

-- Two-way text messaging up to 160 characters
-- Rugged IP66 design and covered emergency button
-- Joystick to navigate on display keyboard and emergency, check-in, tracking, and waypoint functions
-- Communicates with other email, mobile phone, or GeoPro solution users
-- Iridium modem for over the air communication with the Iridium satellite network
-- Best in class GPS acquisition and tracking

Key features of the GeoPro Web Application include:

-- Secure browser-based access to emergency, check-in, tracking, and waypoint functions
-- Real time visibility of employee status and location displayed in a web-based map
-- Automated monitoring of emergency incidents and prompt notification via email, SMS or the GeoPro Web Application
-- Comprehensive message and event audit trail
-- Point-and-click tools to configure specific business rules and processes

"Reliable global access to two-way satellite messaging significantly improves an organization's efficiency and ability to protect and monitor their remote workforce in emergency situations," said Greg Ewert, executive vice president, global distribution channels at Iridium. "It's exciting to see partners like GeoPro leverage our network to offer innovative solutions for monitoring their workforce safety wherever they might be."
GeoPro was field tested with government, industry and partners around the world according to the company. The solution is available immediately through a global network of distributors, including Roadpost and GMPCS, with pricing subject to regional partners.

For more information about GeoPro and the global distribution network,


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