Get Notified of Security Breach

— August 02, 2014

Event Calling, a new security feature from Absolute Software allows customers to receive immediate alerts if an event they consider significant occurs. The solution is part of Absolute Computrace and allows users to design thousands of different conditions to trigger an alert—enabling them to tailor their security protocols to address the needs of their business.

Examples of conditions include if the device hardware or software is altered, if a device connects to a different network, changes location or if a different user logs onto the device.

The solution is particularly relevant to organizations that must adhere to strict data security regulations such as HIPAA and Sarbanes -Oxley. Organizations bound by these regulations have strict policies in place to control corporate devices and the data they contain. 

If an unauthorized action or status occurs—for example, if a device moves outside of a geographical location—it can be a prelude to a more serious security event. Event Calling will warn IT when a notable change occurs on the endpoint using a level of priority that is set by the user. 

This will allow IT to take proactive security measures using Computrace to remotely track, freeze, delete data or recover data from the device. Tablets, smartphones and PCs can be remotely managed and secured—on or off the network—to ensure and prove that endpoint IT compliance processes are properly implemented and enforced.

"Event Calling provides our customers with a policy-based approach to regulatory compliance, risk management, and enterprise security. By prioritizing the alerting capabilities of Computrace, customers can focus immediate attention on the endpoint conditions they care about most," said Geoff Haydon, CEO at Absolute Software. "For example, if a healthcare organization is alerted that a hospital device has left the property, IT has the ability to respond quickly to freeze the device and ensure no patient or other sensitive information is breached."



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