Gizmox Development Platform Preview Enhances Compatibility, BYOD Capabilities

By Gerard Longo, Assistant Editor — July 18, 2012

Gizmox has released an update to the preview version of its Visual WebGui .NET HTML5 and Enterprise Mobile development platform, condensing both of the aforementioned frameworks into one location.

The updated Visual WebGui software now allows developers to use the same code base to create HTML5 applications - and do so with quick turnaround - for desktops and cross-platform mobile devices alike, which can be made compatible with major operating systems and web browsers.

Browser-Friendly App Development

The new Visual WebGui update not only allows developers to create apps across multiple browsers; it helps each application run more smoothly from browser to browser. Rendering time is reduced by the light HTML structure, as well as platform's ability to choose the best rendering mechanism for each particular browser and to identify each browser's compatibility with HTML5 and CSS3 capabilities.

BYOD Support for All

An interesting note for users is the fact that, as opposed to holding data from the applications on the device itself, data from applications is held and accessed securely from behind a firewall due to the fact that the Visual WebGui server runs the code for each application. Just in case connectivity is lost, though, the platform provides offline capabilities to its users, allowing users to continue using applications with or without a server connection.

This is yet another development in the mobile world that aligns with the rise of BYOD programs in the workplace. The combination of secure, server-based data and the compatibility mechanisms employed by the Visual WebGui update make it so developers can deploy multiple apps across various platforms. Similarly, clients and personnel can be assured that they will be able access the applications from anywhere, making it possible to work on the go in an increasingly mobile world.


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