Google Maps Coordinate With iPhones

— January 15, 2013

Mobile workers in the field can find their way to dispatched jobs with the help of Google Maps Coordinate. Launched in September 2012 on the Android, the workforce management tool is now available on the iPhone with subscription.

The mobile app is designed to combine mapping technologies with modern smartphones to help organizations improve communication with employees in the field.

The recent release might come as a relief to iOS users who initially complained when Apple decided to phase out Google maps all together from its platform. The consumer version of the map app itself was reintroduced to Apple devices in December 2012.

With Google Maps Coordinate, real-time location data can be shared, as well as any information needed about a particular job, allowing workers to update status and minimize down time between tasks. Dispatchers in a central office can simultaneously use the app to see locations of employees in the field, create new jobs at specific sites, and assign new jobs to nearby individuals or teams.

Job details and history are stored in the cloud. The app also coordinates with Google Maps Indoors, which provides detailed floor plans when available. In addition, a custom point of interest (POI) enables users to add information to maps including customer sites, facility locations, or areas to avoid.

For BYOD employees concerned about being tracked during non-working hours, the mobile app only works when team members have it running in visible mode, according to Google.

Google Maps Coordinate is priced on a monthly basis depending on several factors including the amount of storage needed, map loads and processing cycles.


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