Google Selects Keynote to Test Mobile-Readiness of Companies' Websites

By Ariel Jones — January 25, 2012

Keynote Systems, a provider of internet and mobile cloud testing and monitoring solutions, has announced that it will power Google's new GoMoMeter tool, which helps businesses evaluate the mobile-readiness of their websites. Keynote's Mobile Internet Testing Environment (MITE), which scores businesses websites based on their mobile performance, will be the centerpiece of the site.

Keynote's MITE software solution is based on a mobile device emulation approach, rather than relying on hardware in mobile devices, meaning that it is infinitely scalable and websites' appearance on any mobile device can be evaluated.

Google's GoToMeter is a visualization tool that lets users see what their website actually looks like on a mobile device. It also provides statistics about file-loading time and information from the mobile device emulation tool to give websites a mobile usability score. As part of the new "HowToGoMo" website, Keynote's MITE software provides users with performance information in real-time.

"As mobile device usage increases, mobile-optimized websites are incredibly important to the growth initiatives of many businesses," said Vik Chaudhary, VP of Product Management and Corporate Development at Keynote. "By integrating MITE's unique device emulation and rendering capabilities, via an API, into the GoMo site, Google is making it that much easier for enterprises to quickly see and experience their website as a mobile user would."


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