HP's TouchPad and Pre3 Feature Atheros Mobile Wi-Fi

— February 14, 2011

Atheros Communications, Inc., a global leader in innovative technologies for wireless and wired communications, announced that its mobile Wi-Fi solution, featuring Align 1-stream 802.11n technology, is providing the high-performance wireless connectivity for the new HP TouchPad tablet and HP Pre3 smartphone. The groundbreaking webOS devices feature extensive multimedia capabilities and Web-based services to provide compelling application experiences not available on any other platform.

Key Facts About Atheros Technology:

  • The Atheros AR6003 delivers the fastest 1-stream mobile 802.11n performance with a near-zero impact on the battery life of mobile devices.

  • Atheros' mobile Wi-Fi technology supports dual-band operation with 40 MHz capabilities, which doubles the wireless throughput of previous mobile Wi-Fi devices. As more Wi-Fi devices crowd the 2.4 GHz band, dual-band products can leverage more wireless spectrum in the 5 GHz band for media applications requiring relatively interference-free bandwidth. This provides users with a better wireless experience on their portable devices.

  • The AR6003 is among the smallest and most energy efficient mobile 802.11n solutions on the market. Built on Atheros' low-power ROCm architecture, the highly-integrated solution enables customers to take full advantage of Wi-Fi features without compromising the size or battery life of mobile designs.

  • To ensure a better wireless experience for mobile customers, the AR6003 enables superior coexistence with Bluetooth features. Atheros Universal Wireless Cooperation is a suite of innovative techniques that facilitate greater cooperation between the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios to minimize interference and ensure smooth operation of both wireless features.

"HP's webOS platform is enabling converged mobile devices with the multimedia capabilities of a home entertainment system and cloud-based applications of a computer," says Amir Faintuch, senior vice president and general manager, Atheros' Consumer Business Unit. "Atheros is pleased to deliver the Wi-Fi solutions that help keep HP's new tablet and smartphone connected and enable consumers to fully experience the benefits of this groundbreaking new architecture."

"As we develop an ecosystem of webOS devices, we rely on best-in-class technologies to deliver the innovative experience that HP customers expect," says Steve Manser, senior vice president of product development, HP. "With the right combination of wireless performance and features, Atheros' mobile Wi-Fi technology provides connectivity that allows people to get the most from their HP TouchPad tablet and HP Pre3 smartphone." 


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