Haynesville Shale, Promising Oil And Gas Hotbed, Taps Wireless Broadband Network

By PRESS RELEASE — March 31, 2010

ERF Wireless (OTCBB:ERFW), a leading provider of enterprise-class wireless broadband products and services, announced that the company's Network Services Group will immediately begin design, development, and construction of a new wireless broadband network for ERF Wireless initially to be located in northwestern Louisiana covering the highest concentration of gas well drilling activity of the Haynesville Shale region.

This new ERF Wireless network will be operated by the ERF Wireless Oil & Gas Services Division to provide wireless broadband connectivity to many of the numerous oil and gas drilling customers currently operating in the Haynesville Shale as well as to provide wireless services to other commercial customers.

After completion of the eastern portion of the network, construction will move over the Texas-Louisiana border into northeastern Texas to cover the remaining portion of this shale region. It is anticipated that the Louisiana portion of this new network will be operational in approximately 90-120 days with the full network being completed by early fall 2010. The network will use both 3.65 GHz licensed WiMax technology and unlicensed 900 MHz technology to address the unique wireless propagation requirements of the heavy forests and rolling terrain of the region.

Dr. H. Dean Cubley, CEO of ERF Wireless, commented, "The Haynesville Shale region is an area in which we have been trying to find existing wireless carriers to either buy or partner with under a master service agreement. We have thoroughly researched the region and unfortunately have not located any suitable candidates that would meet our requirements of reliability and significant wireless coverage. As a result of these circumstances and the quickly expanding concentration of our oil and gas customer base's drilling activity in the region, we have decided to build our own network."

Dr. Cubley went on to add, "Our Oil & Gas Services Division has been receiving numerous requests from our exclusive oil and gas marketing partner as well as from many major oil and gas companies to expand our services into the Haynesville Shale due to the high level of drilling activity in that area. There really is not any significant terrestrial broadband wireless in the region because of the difficult terrain. Therefore, with the completion of our network, ERF Wireless should be able to experience a significant market advantage. This is the type of technical design and construction challenge that our Network Services Group has consistently demonstrated that they can meet."


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