Hold Your Tablet With MobioGrip

— July 11, 2013

“iPad hand” might not be officially accepted into today’s lexicon, but the term has already been coined to describe the aches and pains in the hand used to hold the device while typing with the other, according to an article in the Daily Mail (UK).

In response, Mobio Holdings LLC has introduced Mobio Grip which enhances the use of tablets (and smartphones) by making them more convenient and more functional.

Precision-made and ergonomic, the grip uses magnetic-based technology to securely hold mobile devices comfortably. The product works with all brands of tablets and cases.

Serving as a handle and a stand, Mobio Grip is ergonomically designed to fit in the palm of the hand or between the fingers. It also allows users to carry or hold their tablets at any angle, with one hand, leaving the other hand free to type, scroll, or take notes.

Ideal for making presentations, the grip can spin from portrait to landscape while holding the device. On a horizontal surface, Mobio Grip is a stand that keeps the tablet stable and viewable, and both hands free to type.

"The versatility and functionality of the Mobio Grip product, coupled with the use of integrative technology (Smartboard, iPad, tablets), impacts and enhances a teacher's ability to provide instruction; thereby, directly preparing students for college and career readiness in the 21st century,” said Nancy Brankis, M.Ed., National Board Certified Teachers.

Mobio Grip use magnetic-based technology to securely hold tablets or mobile phones. The magnet attaches to the tablet with an industrial grade 3M adhesive that's removable if necessary. Once connected, the tablet is adjustable and able to disconnect.


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