Home Security Company Turns to Telenor for Wireless Connectivity

— September 26, 2011

Home security company Sector Alarm has chosen M2M solutions provider Telenor Connexion as its supplier of wireless connectivity for residential alarms and security systems in the Netherlands -- Sector Alarm protects over 130,000 households with home alarms and home security systems in the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.

“We are … pleased with the confidence Sector Alarm displays in our business and life critical solutions,” Telenor Connexion regional sales manager Henrik Rosell said in a statement. “Being a fully integrated part of alarm systems poses high and specific demands on our technical solutions to provide instant real-time communications.”
Telenor Connexion’s M2M wireless solutions will provide Sector Alarm’s customers with increased flexibility, more options for placement of the CPU, and no visible wires. Customers also have the benefit of knowing the system won’t have any impact on their telephone and broadband Internet access, and will remain secure from theft, tampering, and environmental issues such as storms or power outages.
“We view wireless solutions as the most secure, reliable and easy to apply for multi-national deployments,” Sector Alarm technical director Leif Motrø said in a statement. “At Sector Alarm we are committed to delivering the best in industry technology to our customers in order to support their existing and future needs. Telenor Connexion provides us with a premium solution and a 24x7 customer support that gives us confidence in using wireless connectivity. Our partnership makes it possible to grow and move forward towards our long-term goal of becoming the leading company for home alarms in Europe.”


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