Honeywell's "MasterMind" Manages Windows Devices

— May 11, 2011

Honeywell announced that customers can manage, update, and remotely diagnose Windows Mobile and Windows CE mobile devices within a network from a single centralized location, using Honeywell’s new Remote MasterMind for Mobility software.

Building on the success of Remote MasterMind for Scanning introduced in January of 2009, the new solution simplifies device management by allowing key functions, such as asset tracking, software distribution, configuration management, remote diagnostics, and performance measurement to be performed remotely, on any device with a Windows operating system including those not manufactured by Honeywell.
Remote MasterMind for Mobility software allows Honeywell customers to monitor for necessary software and security updates and diagnose potential product errors remotely, creating significant cost savings as compared to standard on-site IT management and device repair. In fact, a recent report by VDC Research Group indicates that employing a mobile device management solution can save organizations “over $230 per device per year in support costs,” says David Krebs, director, mobile & wireless practice, VDC Research Group. “For a 1,000 unit deployment this translates into savings of over $1.1 million over a five-year period.”
“Honeywell has become a trusted leader in mobile computing and with the introduction of this mobile device management solution, we are continuing our legacy of innovation,” says John Waldron, vice president of worldwide marketing, Honeywell Scanning & Mobility. “With Remote MasterMind for Mobility, Honeywell customers can now break free from manual device management, including time-consuming site visits and device repairs, without compromising on accuracy.

"Our customers can also expect to see further enhancements to the remote device management experience over the next few months as we introduce a series of new productivity tools, as well as the ability to manage various types of devices across other network devices and operating systems,” he adds.
For Memorial Hermann Healthcare System, mobile computing is an integral tool to help ensure the highest level of patient safety and care.
“We use Honeywell’s Dolphin 9900hc mobile computers for positive patient identification, medication administration, and laboratory specimen tracking,” says John Barr, consulting systems architect - technical solutions for Memorial Hermann Healthcare System.

“Remote MasterMind for Mobility software makes this process even more seamless, as we can now monitor and manage every Dolphin 9900hc we have deployed throughout our multiple hospitals, spread across the greater Houston geographic area, from one central location, or even manage the devices remotely by our on call staff.”
Remote MasterMind for Mobility software, which was developed in partnership with remote management technology developer, SOTI Inc., is also equipped with GPS functionalities, providing customers with real-time updates to user and device locations.
“By utilizing our experience in technology development and Honeywell’s data collection industry knowledge, we were able to create a solution that allows customers to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their mobile operations,” says Carl Rodrigues, president, SOTI Inc.

“What is most unique about Remote MasterMind for Mobility is that it provides customers the opportunity to manage all of the key elements of their mobile deployment – from the devices themselves, to the security of their data, to the support needed to keep the operation running smoothly.”
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