Hospital Launches RFID-Based Asset Tracking Solution

— January 10, 2007

A Las Vegas hospital is using an RFID tracking system from Exavera Technologies and Patient Care Technology Systems to pinpoint the location of various items, including pumps, wheelchairs, telemetry equipment and maintenance tools. The system can be used from any computer on the hospital's network.

The staff of Harmon Medical and Rehabilitation Hospital, a 118-bed sub-acute care facility, will use the browser-based solution to locate nearly 300 assets in both clinical and non-clinical areas throughout the entire hospital.

At the core of the solution is Exavera's eShepherd Location Services solution, which includes RFID tags and readers as well as intelligent software to calculate the whereabouts of tagged items. PCTS' Amelior Tracker software represents an end-user interface that allows hospital staff to locate various clinical and non-clinical assets. Amelior Tracker also offers the analytical tools to optimize asset usage and inventory.

"At Fundamental, we're always seeking out new ways to allow our talented staff to focus on their job of providing outstanding care for our patients," said Scott Hillegass, vice president at Fundamental Long Term Care. "With the deployment of the Exavera/PCTS solution, we will be minimizing the time our healthcare professionals spend searching for the tools of the trade, in turn maximizing their time as caregivers."

"The deployment at Harmon is our most exciting to date, as our partnership with Patient Care Technology Systems takes the value of our solution to all new levels," said Scott Zeller, vice president of corporate affairs at Exavera. "The insight we provide coupled with the analytical tools inherent in the Amelior suite translates to an optimized workflow model and significant cost savings for any hospital."

From any nurse's station throughout the hospital, staff members can search for a specific item or the nearest of a particular type of asset. The results are shown both as a text-based report sorted by location and as a "dot-on-a-map" visual representation. When clicking on a particular item, the asset record appears, including information such as manufacturer, serial number, and calibration or maintenance notes. In the second phase of the deployment, security alerts will be delivered to appropriate staff members when certain items are leaving the building. Furthermore, through the analysis of location history, asset utilization and inventory can be significantly improved.

"There is a great deal of excitement around here, as this system solves the universal problem in hospitals of finding a particular piece of equipment when you need it," said Jan Vinson, clinical director at Harmon.

"We are pleased to be partnering with Exavera's RFID infrastructure," said Tony Marsico, CEO of PCTS. "The ease with which our solutions have integrated demonstrates their flexibility to support the diversity of workflow processes in healthcare environments."


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