Hospital Selects Colubris to Power Next-Generation Wireless Healthcare Applications and Services

— January 03, 2007

A Pennsylvania hospital has chosen Colubris Networks' Intelligent Mobility System to power its next-generation wireless healthcare applications and services. With the Colubris system as its WLAN infrastructure, the hospital hopes to deploy a variety of new applications and services that improve patient care, privacy, and service while reducing administration costs.

The Colubris Intelligent Mobility System will initially provide full wireless coverage across Wayne Memorial's main campus in Honsedale, Pa.,, which includes 650 employees and nearly 70 physicians. In addition to offering secure access to patient data and asset-tracking services, which allows for the instant location of critical equipment, the system will enable the provisioning of guest Internet access to patients and visitors.

Data Capture Solutions, the lead network architects and integrators for the Wayne Memorial wireless project, will support the deployment of a Bedside Medication Verification (BMV) application, an innovative new wireless application that improves patient safety. This software application, purchased by Wayne Memorial from a Massachusetts-based provider and powered by Colubris hardware, enables caregivers to use bar code scanning technology at the patient ' s bedside to verify patient identity, medication and relevant health information prior to administering medication.

In 2002 the American Medical Association conducted a landmark study across 36 hospitals and found a 19 percent error rate in medication. The Colubris-supported BMV application radically reduces the opportunity for such errors to occur at Wayne Memorial Hospital, which serves patients in northeastern Pennsylvania and parts of New York. .

"The BMV is just one example of how wireless applications are improving efficiency and levels of patient care in hospitals today," said Tom Hoffman, IT manager at Wayne Memorial Hospital. "Our Colubris WLAN delivers everything we need to support continued innovation at Wayne Memorial Hospital--strong security, so patient data and systems are protected; easy management, so administrators don't have to spend a lot of time managing the system; and easy access, so our patients and visitors never have a problem with guest connectivity."

Hoffman added that by distributing switching intelligence to the edge of the WLAN, rather than centralizing it in a single bottleneck, Colubris ensures that Wayne Memorial Hospital will have "future-proof" support for new applications and technologies, such as voice, video, and the emerging 802.11n standard.

"Colubris delivers better reliability, security, and performance than any WLAN provider we've evaluated," said Mike Morgal of Data Capture Solutions. "This is what makes Colubris the ideal choice for advanced mobile converged services in healthcare environments."

Wayne Memorial will initially deploy 40 centrally-managed wireless access points (APs) throughout its main campus. The hospital is using the new Colubris MAP-330 Integrated Sensor/AP, an innovative dual-radio access point that delivers high performance client access and integrated best-of-breed radio frequency (RF) security. The MAP-330 enables continuous "always-on" security monitoring while simultaneously ensuring optimal performance and availability of converged services, eliminating the traditional trade-offs between security and service while slashing costs by 50 percent compared to overlay security solutions.

"Wayne Memorial Hospital is an excellent example of why Colubris is emerging as a major WLAN provider in the healthcare sector," said Chris Koeneman, vice president of worldwide sales and co-president. "Only Colubris delivers the capabilities hospitals need to improve patient care, protect private information, and reduce paperwork and administration costs, all in a highly manageable and reliable centralized WLAN solution."


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