IT: Pay Attention to Next Gen Workers

— July 24, 2014

Forty-five million Millennials born between 1979 and 1999 are a force in the workplace that companies seem to be ignoring. They will make up 75% of the global workforce by 2025 says The Deloitte Milennial Survey, and IT organizations are not taking enough steps to support them, according to a survey conducted by CompuCom.

"The move toward BYOD and support of mobile devices is in large part is a response to social media and the power of consumerization that has been championed by all age groups. In that respect, it's not surprising that some IT organizations don't see a need to focus specifically on millennial workers. At the same time, Millennials are out in front of tech trends, so a failure to stay connected to their needs for the 'next new thing' could cost organizations the loyalty and retention of these younger employees," said Sam Gross, CTO of CompuCom.

Mobile Motivation
According to industry data, 64% of Millennials—who switch their attention between media platforms such as laptops, smartphones, tablets and televisions an average of 27 times per hour—ask about social media policies during job interviews, while 24% say it would be a key factor in accepting an offer.

Respondents were asked the following question, "What is your organization doing to support Millennial employees?"

  • SMS/texting support – 11%
  • Support for mobile devices – 13%
  • BYOD to work enablement – 21%
  • Walk-up/concierge technical support – 9%
  • Permitting use of social media at work – 13%
  • We're not doing anything specific – 34%

A related survey also found that 96% of IT decision makers believe that BYOD increases the risk to corporate networks and data.

"With almost a quarter of respondents telling us their companies are enabling BYOD, and knowing this number will only increase, IT departments clearly need to find a way to enable Millennials while also keeping their corporate networks secure. Hybrid support models are particularly attractive to the multi-generational workforce that our clients' IT departments are supporting. Whether you're a Gen-Xer who's accustomed to getting support online, a Baby Boomer who calls the service desk and waits for your phone to be delivered, or a Millennial who 'buys, tries and discards' technology, this approach keeps employees productive," added Gross.


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