Intermec and Ruckus Deliver Rugged Mobile Solutions

— February 19, 2013

Ruckus Wireless, Inc. and Intermec, Inc. have partnered to deliver new wireless distribution systems to improve performance and streamline workflow within distribution center (DC) and manufacturing operations.

The solution is designed for warehouses, distribution centers, loading docks, marine terminals and other sites with mission-critical mobility requirements and limited IT resources.

Because warehouses, DCs and terminals are challenging radio frequency (RF) environments, with floor to ceiling steel racks and changing inventory levels, they often suffer from RF dead spots or poor signal coverage, leading to lost information. Ruckus ZoneFlex access points (APs) leverage the company’s patented BeamFlex technology to deliver reliable Wi-Fi performance, extended reach and automatic adaption to changes in the physical environment—items crucial for warehouses using Intermec technology for managing their supply chains.

BeamFlex technology combines a compact internal antenna array with expert control software to continuously optimize the connection for each connected client, bypassing interference and physical barriers. Highly sensitive antenna elements increase the range and performance of the Wi-Fi network while automatically adapting to constantly changing RF environments like warehouses and DCs.

In addition, BeamFlex+ automatically adapts Wi-Fi signals to the changing orientation of handheld devices through the use of polarization diversity with maximal ratio combining (PD-MRC). This enables Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi access points to provide reception for hard to hear clients and more consistent performance as clients constantly change orientation. For instance, an Intermec scanner may be held upright for some tasks, and laid flat on a table for others.

ZoneFlex access points can be configured and installed in minutes, and automatically perform functions such as creating mesh networks or prioritizing voice and video traffic. Ruckus also offers unified management and remote monitoring for indoor and outdoor APs, and can support a range of deployment models.

Insource Technology, a privately held IT integration company in Texas specializing in network infrastructure and ERP systems, has installed Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi to work with Intermec products in a number of warehouse and manufacturing companies such as StarPak, Polytex, Superbag, Exel Logistics, Tifco Industries, Utex Industries and MOGAS Industries.

“The combination of Intermec scanners and Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi has proven to be highly effective in streamlining our customers’ warehouse operations,” said David Black, president of Insource Technology Corporation. “Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi technology was a perfect match to help provide us with better, more reliable performance in our customers’ loading dock areas and have made their overall operations definitely much smoother.”


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