It’s a Case, a Wallet, a Charger and a Mount

— May 19, 2014

A suite of new mobile accessories from Logitech for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s combines looks and function. The Logitech case+ serves as the foundation of the system, which will be sold as a collection, and includes an array of practical yet pretty add-ons that enhance the functionality of your phone.

The magnetically mounted additions include the Logitech +tilt, a kickstand and cord keeper, the +energy, which is designed to double battery life, the +drive, which is a mount for a car window or dashboard, and the +wallet, which lets users bring your cards and cash along when on the go. Collectively, the new solutions provide protection and a host of new features.

The case+ accessories work together and include:

The case+ is a protective case that serves as the foundation of the system. Key to the functionality is a metal plate across the back of the case, which provides style and an added layer of protection, and also serves as the mounting plate for the magnetic system.

Curves, a soft-touch finish, modern colors and two different cover materials, the +tilt adds both style and function to the iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s. It has a kickstand, earbud wrap and magnetic mounting that enables the smartphone to be attached to any metal surface—from your fridge to a file cabinet—so users can follow a new recipe or video chat with colleagues, hands free.

The +tilt folds into a kickstand for easy video viewing. The earbuds are stored by wrapping the cord over the smartphone, then folding and removing the +tilt panel for quick and hassle-free storage.

The +energy adds both style and extra power to your case+ covered iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s. With a free-mount battery panel, you’ve got power when you want it. Just snap the +energy battery pack onto your phone and you can get double the power of your battery. With the +energy you get unparalleled quality, cutting-edge technology, unrivaled design and extraordinary simplicity.

The +drive delivers a one-touch modern phone mount for the car. The +drive mount adheres to a windshield or dashboard through a suction cup with a single twist action to lock it in place. With the help of the case+ protective case, the iPhone magnetically mounts with one touch to keep it secure and visible at the same time. The +drive also comes with a universal adaptor that allows a second smartphone to be used with the system. 

The +wallet turns the case+ into a slim, stylish wallet that conveniently keeps cards and cash at the user’s fingertips. With magnetic coupling, the +wallet instantly unites the phone and wallet into one pocket-friendly design. To keep credit cards and hotel keys safe, the +wallet features Magnashield technology, which protects the contents of the wallet by creating a barrier to prevent demagnetization.

The Logitech case+ collection is expected to be available in the U.S. beginning in in May 2014.


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