JAMF Software Ready for OS X Mavericks

— October 23, 2013

JAMF Software, a provider of Apple device management, has launched its Casper Suite for Apple OS X Mavericks. The latest version of the solution will provide users with additional enterprise management features, security capabilities and zero-day support for Apple's newest operating system.

Management software that is developed exclusively for the Apple platform, Casper Suite supports Mac, iPad and iPhone. It is designed to give breadth and functionality to IT administrators including mobile device management, settings management, software distribution, imaging, inventory, package building, image management, remote updates and a powerful framework for automated support.

The new software allows organizations to adopt the latest hardware and software, while having a supported tool that provides the ability to meet critical deployment, reporting, compliance and support needs on the very first day, to ease adoption.

Key features include:

  • Zero-Day Support - provides seamless transition to new Apple operating system on release day
  • Enhanced Disk Encryption Support - Configure Macs to utilize Apple's FileVault 2 Disk Encryption technology and deploy, report and remediate issues from a central location
  • Enhanced Security Controls - Utilize Apple frameworks to configure security settings such as on demand VPN, corporate data sharing restrictions, and Mac App Store usage
  • In Place Operating System Upgrades - provides a toolset to automatically upgrade Macs to OS X Mavericks
  • Enterprise Integration - Integrate with existing infrastructure to automatically configure email, calendars and corporate network access.
The latest version of the Casper Suite is available as a free upgrade for all customers with up-to-date support and license agreements. Prospective customers can also contact JAMF Software to receive additional information about evaluating the product in their organization.


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