Kony Delivers New Member Mobile Services for Health Community

By Tony Rizzo — December 14, 2011

Kony Solutions, Inc., a mobile application platform provider, has introduced Member Mobile, an application designed for health insurers and health plan providers to more quickly and easily launch their mobile presence and engage with members across mobile, tablet and kiosk channels. Member Mobile is the latest of a series of offerings available through Kony’s healthcare and life sciences division, with solutions also developed for health information technology (HIT) vendors, provider organizations, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and medical device and supply/distributions organizations.
The Member Mobile "solution accelerator" offers out-of-the-box features to enhance member engagement, medication management, health plan and provider communication, and health and wellness initiatives, while allowing a plan to leverage existing back office systems - a key issue in delivering effective mobile solutions.
Health plans use the Kony environment to quickly personalize their offerings via targeted re-skinning of services and rebranding, and through being able to both easily utilize connections to back-end systems and by easily leveraging custom functionality. When a company wants to add features or modify their offering, the Member Mobile solution allows them to simply "change once, change everywhere."
Every major and regional health plan, including employer-directed HSAs, HRAs, FSAs, and Medigap programs, faces continued pressure to offer the highest quality service in a highly competitive landscape. Kony created the new application to deliver a mobile system for keeping the costs for creating mobile services that can differentiate one competitor from another low, and to easily allow companies to leverage the latest mobile technology channels for market presence.
Utilizing the latest mobile technology helps drive satisfaction and, in particular, member stickiness. Kony’s Member Mobile can cost-effectively allow a company to make a mobile offering a reality, even in those cases where business plans did not budget for any mobile implementations.
Health plans can differentiate themselves by bringing interactive health information to the fingertips of their members. But a branded, quick-to-market solution isn't enough to capture audience imagination. Any mobile-based initiative must also deliver a superior user experience on all devices—iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, feature phones, tablets, and kiosks are all part of the end user range of mobile end points that must be accommodated. 
The Kony Platform that underpins Member Mobile is highly customizable and scalable, and will allow health plan companies of any size maximize their mobile investment. Health plans can also leverage Kony’s full array of mobile apps to meet specific needs for sales force automation and customer relationship management (CRM) as well as member health fitness programs.
Member Mobile provides the following capabilities and services:
  • eCommerce - Browse plans, purchase coverage and complete online registration
  • Card Management (on-device availability) - Retrieve and send member cards (fax, email, and so on)
  • Care Location - Use geo-location to find providers and facilities (e.g. physicians, urgent care, pharmacies)
  • Appointments - Request appointments
  • Benefit Status - Monitor benefit and claims information
  • Prescription Management - manage over-the-counter and prescription medications (e.g. Rx reminders, Rx refills, brand to generic conversion, pricing comparisons, mail order facilitation)
  • PBM workflow - benefits, mail order conversion, many others.
  • Contact - administrative and clinical representatives
  • PHR - access personal health records
  • Wellness - engage with wellness initiatives, case and disease management, seminars/events, and so on
Member Mobile can be connected to most back end systems through:
  • Web services (REST, SOAP, JSON, POJO to Java Service, etc.)
  • HTML Scraping Connector (when web services are not available)
  • Data Connectors (connectors to industry leading claims management systems are available)
  • Composite Services (ability to aggregate any of the above on the server side and connect via one service for highest performance situations between mobile device and server)
The combination of front end mobile app development capabilities, the easy means to port the app to most mobile end points (smartphones, kiosks, and so on), and the substantial number of back end connectivity options, are all key evaluation points in determining if Kony is the right platform to move your mobile healthcare "ideas" forward. 


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