Managed File Transfer

— September 19, 2013

Ipswitch File Transfer has released MOVEit 8.0 to enable mobile workers to reliably and productively transfer files from iOS and Android devices while providing IT the security, visibility and control required to conduct business. 

The solution integrates mobile into a company’s existing file-based processes, making files from their business systems available to mobile users. It allows users to upload new files and automates the movement of those files back to their business systems. In addition, the system allows mobile users to send files to each other, and share information.  

Examples of MOVEit 8.0 Mobile use across industries include:

Insurance – An insurance adjustor can securely transfer documents and images from a tablet. And, while still at the accident site, can initiate the automated insurance claim review workflow process.

Healthcare – A doctor takes a cell phone picture of a patient infection, adds text information like the medical record number and sends it securely as part of a patient record update process. The medical records department is alerted to the availability of the picture and adds it to the patient record and sends the picture to the practice management system. The process is in compliance with HIPAA/HITECH standards.

Retail – A sales rep at a customer site securely generates and delivers an approved price quote document, initiating the process from a tablet. Once approved, the quote is electronically delivered to the client and updates business systems.

The solution has additional features that will help IT meet security and compliance demands:

  • Vulnerability protection – Enhanced with the latest safeguards to protect against the OWASP Top 10
  • Anti-virus protection – Support for McAfee, Symantec and Sophos
  • Enhanced security wizard – Streamlines with lockdown process, increasing security configuration and ensuring necessary security steps are taken
  • File tracking ability – Auditing, visibility and control for PCI, HIPAA/HITECH, SOX compliance
  • Support for server platforms and systems – Windows Server 2012, Microsoft SQL Server 2012, Microsoft Exchange/Outlook 2013
  • Improved administrator control – Administrators now have the ability to optionally protect sensitive email messages while always securing attachments.
“We use MOVEit 8.0 to transfer large software images and patches including security credentials to our clients,” said Paul Sester, System Engineer, Bechtle AG. “We selected MOVEit because it allowed us to easily and securely transfer gigabyte size .EXE and .MSI files in Outlook.  In addition, our customers can now securely transfer files to us using our upload portal.  We also have central control over user access and the file life cycle, confident that files are deleted once transferred. It’s also important that we can monitor and audit all transfer operations.”


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