Meet the Rising Expectations for Wi-Fi Performance

— December 31, 2013

Ixia enables the reliable and optimal performance of mobile devices with its new WaveDevice test solution which assures customers of a high-quality Wi-Fi experience every time. Mobile devices carry critical real-time applications and services, and WaveDevice leverages Ixia’s ability to test and validate wireless LANS (WLANs) to ensure mobile devices stand up to the rigors of rapidly growing usage.

Now the sole connectivity option for many mobile devices, Wi-Fi carries an increasing percentage of mission-critical traffic including real-time voice and video, life-critical services in hospitals, unified communications (UC), and cloud-based resources in the enterprise. Consumers and businesses alike expect a high-quality experience everywhere and every time, but growing usage and dependence on constant connectivity are pushing new and traditional mobile devices beyond their limits.

“Isolating performance problems in a Wi-Fi solution can be very challenging, especially when those issues are the result of underperforming client devices,” said Craig Mathias, Principal, Farpoint Group. “Ixia’s WaveDevice can help product developers, test engineers, and even field personnel identify, localize, and understand device performance issues quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively.”

Product Highlights:
With the risks associated with poor device performance on the rise, the solution equips manufacturers to ensure the success of new products early on in the design process. The solution enables manufacturers to:

  • Accelerate time to market by precisely isolating and optimizing the behavior of new device designs.
  • Assess performance against a wide variety of Wi-Fi access point settings.
  • Quickly and easily emulate live networks and dynamics including roaming, interference, and coexistence with other Wi-Fi devices.
  • Increase test coverage while reducing cost with repeatable, automated testing across a wide variety of Wi-Fi network environments.
“We’re past the point where users can forgive the poor performance of their mobile devices,” said Joseph Zeto, Director of Product Marketing, Ixia. “This puts mobile device manufacturers at high risk of losing market-share by failing to meet expectations for an increasingly high quality of experience. With the new WaveDevice solution, our customers have the confidence that they are delivering reliable, high-performing WiFi-enabled devices every time.” 


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