Mobile Helix Introduces Link

— June 20, 2013

Mobile Helix, an enterprise application and data security platform provider, has launched Link, a pure HTML5 platform. The platform combines security for enterprise data with an open HTML5 application development and delivery platform.

Designed with optimized data security at its core, Link allows any existing or new browser-based enterprise application to be deployed across multiple device types, including mobile devices, PCs and laptops. Even when devices are “rooted” or “jailbroken,” the platform ensures that corporate data is not at risk.

Link includes a secure container on the device, fully device-independent encryption of all data in motion and at rest, a key management architecture that ensures encrypted data remains safe, and a comprehensive policy engine that allows IT to enforce policies on applications and data rather than on devices.

“Contrary to popular opinion, mobile operating systems aren’t necessarily less secure than PC operating systems. A tablet or smartphone with the right data security posture can be as, if not more, secure than a typical corporate laptop. PCs are perceived to be safe because of the numerous security 'band aids' that are applied to them, such as anti-virus, full-disk encryption, DLP and network access control,” says Maribel Lopez, Founder and Principal Analyst of Lopez Research.

Link creates a common application environment by deploying applications through Internet browsers, embracing standards-based technology to deliver an open, end-to-end solution. This in turn extends existing enterprise application development, delivery infrastructure and expertise to mobile devices.

The platform integrates with existing IT processes and infrastructure to enable a simplified “download free” application delivery and support model, removing the need for a separate enterprise app store, app catalogue, and dedicated distribution and update processes for every different application and mobile operating system.

Currently available for iOS and Android, support for Windows 8, Mac OSX and Blackberry 10 is scheduled for later this year.


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