Mobile Industry on the Move August 31

— August 31, 2013

What's going on in the world of mobility? Is everyone on vacation? Far from it. Here are this week's moves by the major players.

BlackBerry has re-launched its Built for BlackBerry program to provide developers with “a more simple and clear path to achieving Built for BlackBerry status, a designation that tells consumers that a BlackBerry app delivers the signature BlackBerry 10 experience.”

The revitalized program is part of an effort to ensure that BlackBerry World contains the quality applications that customers want. The program will ensure that an increasing percentage of apps in the store provide seamless performance and an integrated experience with BlackBerry 10 features such as the Hub or BBM.

The new program also is designed to increase discoverability, a key hurdle for app and business success. Built for BlackBerry apps will now have more regular placement on BlackBerry World carousels and microbanners, as well as a new top list that customers can easily find and search. Built for BlackBerry apps will have an exclusive results area in app searches.

The program also includes a refreshed criteria checklist that clarifies the requirements for developers and a new submission process that enables a faster path to be part of Built for BlackBerry.

In addition, Jam Starter Sessions will be held around the U.S. beginning in September. The sessions provide developers hands-on support and will include rewards for developers whose apps receive Built for BlackBerry certification.

The Motorola Solutions’ MSP (Mobility Services Platform) and AirBEAM solutions are back. AirWatch is reinvigorating the research and development team to continue to develop product enhancements, and it is extending the life of the solutions to provide customers a comfortable transition path to the AirWatch platform on their timeline. (AirWatch acquired Motorola Solutions MSP and AirBEAM in June 2013.)

“We are supporting MSP and AirBEAM because customers want to continue using the best solutions on the market and so they can leverage AirWatch to manage every mobile device that touches their organization,” said Alan Dabbiere, Chairman, AirWatch. “AirWatch started simplifying enterprise mobility in the rugged device space and we devote significant resources to ensure customers have the ability to provision, protect and manage Motorola and other rugged devices.”

MobileSpaces is now supporting iOS 7 with the general availability of MobileSpaces 2.0.  Combined with MobileSpaces Android support, MobileSpaces now uniformly secures all iOS and Android apps for the enterprise.

In an interview with Mobile Enterprise, David Goldschlag, MobileSpaces CEO and co-founder, said he started the company in late 2011. “Back then only two solutions existed: MDM, which didn’t respect employee privacy, and data containers, which do respect privacy but do not support a wide variety of applications,” he said.

“These approaches don’t solve the real goal, to choose any app on a device to solve a business problem while respecting employee privacy.”

MobileSpaces 2.0 combines Apple’s iOS7 app management capabilities with app virtualization technology for Android to create a trusted BYOD workspace that supports any mobile app. 

The solution is designed to “give control back to the enterprise,” by allowing IT to select any mobile app for workspace use and assign it via policy without modification to the user’s device.  This gives employees a tailored workspace for their job while preserving how apps are licensed, distributed and updated.
Globo has achieved advanced membership of IBM’s PartnerWorld Program and its comprehensive Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platform. Globo’s enterprise mobility platform, GO!Enterprise, is now  included in IBM’s Global Solutions Directory.

Advanced membership provides Globo with a framework to collaborate with IBM executives, sales teams, and other business partners for strategic initiatives and market specific solutions, with Globo’s enterprise grade mobility expertise being incorporated into IBM’s broad range of technology services.

“This partnership with IBM, a world class information technology leader, is a major coup for Globo,” said Costis Papadimitrakopoulos, CEO, Globo. “It follows a rigorous assessment of GO!Enterprise which has proved its market leadership in terms of security, functionality and effectiveness in enabling businesses to address the BYOD trend. It also demonstrates Globo’s commitment to expanding its international partner-focused growth strategy in the enterprise mobility space.”  
CDW and Lextech have partnered so CDW can offers its customers mobile application strategy, design and development services. This partnership is the next step in a relationship that began in 2011 when CDW engaged Lextech to design and develop its first mobile app for the iPhone.  That app facilitates technology purchases for CDW’s customers.

“Custom mobile apps are a key part of CDW’s Total Mobility Management portfolio, empowering mobile users and revolutionizing the way they work day to day,” said Andrea Bradshaw, Senior Director & General Manager, Mobility Solutions, CDW.  “Our customers are increasingly considering this avenue, and Lextech’s top tier skills designing and developing mobile apps are a great fit with Total Mobility Management.  We look forward to working more and more closely with Lextech.”

Good Technology
Good Technology has integrated its Good Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform SDK with the Salesforce Mobile SDK to ensure interoperability between the two platforms.  As a result of the integration, customers can now quickly and easily apply Good’s containerization model to their custom apps built using the Salesforce Mobile SDK, including app-level encryption, data loss prevention (DLP) policies, compliance and jailbreak detection, along with automated remediation actions including lock and wipe of specified applications without impacting a user’s device or personal data.

“With cyber security and privacy being top of mind for every CIO, customers today are looking for a secure mobility platform that protects their business data without impacting the end-user experience; in other words, they want to secure the data, not just the device,” said Christy Wyatt, President & Chief Executive Officer, Good Technology.  “Both line of business leaders and enterprise developers are looking for apps to be integrated into new mobile-first workflows.  Now, developers charged with building custom apps for Salesforce can leverage the same secure framework trusted by the world’s leading banks, federal agencies and regulated industries.” 


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